Tin Bird Decorations

ITEM CODE: 62125
Set of 6 charming painted tin folk art decorations.
Set of 6 charming painted tin folk art decorations.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue, Green
4.5cm tall with loop for hanging
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Overall product rating 4.8/5
23 March 2021
Service Rating:
Lovely, put them on my Easter tree
22 February 2021
Service Rating:
They are so cute & sweet, which sounds really twee but they just are! A lovely size they are now hung on my all-year wall tree They have taken the place of the Christmas baubles & look lovely with the small Spring flowers.
10 July 2020
Service Rating:
Colourful bird decorations, goes nicely with the eggs.
17 May 2020
Service Rating:
Great value for money....
12 May 2020
Service Rating:
The birds were small and lovely and fantastic for where I needed them
05 May 2020
Service Rating:
Better than expected but not much difference in colours