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Biei Skirt

ITEM CODE: 62181
Flat pleat, A-line style skirt decorated with bold blooms inspired by a Japanese decorated paper. Side pockets, unlined.
Flat pleat, A-line style skirt decorated with bold blooms inspired by a Japanese decorated paper. Side pockets, unlined.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue
78cm long
Fixed waistband with central back zip
Machine wash
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Overall product rating 4/5
26 October 2019
Service Rating:
The skirt looked amazing in the catalogue. What arrived was very creased, poor material, garish pattern and too small. This was upsetting as I had been looking forward to wearing this highly rated skirt. I had expected it to be lined, but it wasn’t. There was nothing obvious telling me how to return it. I was surprised as a previous dress I had ordered was fantastic and fitted well.
12 August 2019
Service Rating:
Beautiful material - great style - perfect fit. Job done!
17 June 2019
Service Rating:
Excellent fit. True to size. Good quality fabric. Looks exactly like the catalogue photo.
22 April 2019
Service Rating:
Good quality material and pretty design - different