Foodie Crackers

6 luxury crackers, with ribbon. Handmade using Italian peacock feather paper.

Each filled with a deli gift, hat, motto and snap (gift may vary from those shown).
31cm long.
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Overall product rating 4/5
24 February 2016
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04 January 2016
Service Rating:
Solid and great gifts inside. Well made, value for money if purchased sale price. Would say they are a bit too expensive full price.
19 December 2015
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Haven't used them yet, but I bet they'll be great. We love our food (and crackers!!)
10 November 2015
Service Rating:
03 April 2015
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For use later but different.
17 December 2014
Service Rating:
Order STILL not arrived
Phoned twice
Still waiting for call back
No yodel tracking number
So I need to change my delivery address
As I have no idea what date you intend to bother delivering and we may now not be in at the current delivery address
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