Rugs & Runners

Make a bold statement with rugs and runners inspired by patterns from around the globe. The vibrant colours of Morocco, Santa Fe and Latin America sing in rugs in myriad hues. Closer to home enjoy softest sheepskin recalling cosy nights spent in the Highlands, or evoke a more romantic age with designs echoing French châteaux.
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Zebra Wool Rug NEWICON Zebra Wool Rug £75
Chindi Rug Fair_Trade Chindi Rug £75
Coir Tiger Doormat NEWICON Coir Tiger Doormat £30
Klimt Rug NEWICON Klimt Rug £90
Teal Sheepskin Rug NEWICON Teal Sheepskin Rug £65
Odisha Embroidered Runner NEWICON Odisha Embroidered Runner £100
Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug NEWICON Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug £125
Navajo Stripe Runner NEWICON Navajo Stripe Runner £125
Carlsbad Caverns Rug NEWICON Carlsbad Caverns Rug £150
Pista Reversible Rug NEWICON Pista Reversible Rug £40
Tomari Rug NEWICON Tomari Rug £100
Riomaggiore Wool Rug NEWICON Riomaggiore Wool Rug £165
Yokote Rug NEWICON Yokote Rug £225
Kalmyk Rug NEWICON Kalmyk Rug £250
Leopard Rug Leopard Rug £75
Blue Elephant Doormat Fair_Trade Blue Elephant Doormat £24.99
Orlu Runner Orlu Runner £115
Oval Rag Rug Oval Rag Rug £22.99
Riley Wool Runner Riley Wool Runner £115
Meadow Runner Meadow Runner £90
Sunflower Hooked Rug Sunflower Hooked Rug £100
Odisha Embroidered Rug Fair_Trade Odisha Embroidered Rug £95
Savanes Rug Savanes Rug £140
Dakota Rug Dakota Rug £100

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