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Maine Coastline Rug Maine Coastline Rug In stock £40
Castelsardo Runner Castelsardo Runner Pre-Order £75
Krokbragd Runner Krokbragd Runner In stock £55
May The Force Doormat NEWICON May The Force Doormat In stock £24.99
Shoowa Rug NEWICON Shoowa Rug In stock £70
Folkokta Rug NEWICON Folkokta Rug In stock £90
Grasse Rose Rug NEWICON Grasse Rose Rug In stock £90
Chengdu Panda Rug NEWICON Chengdu Panda Rug In stock £95
Safi Runner NEWICON Safi Runner In stock £120
Stonington Rug NEWICON Stonington Rug In stock £175
Sunflower Vélo Doormat Sunflower Vélo Doormat In stock £19.99
Alcázar Tile Doormat Alcázar Tile Doormat Pre-Order £14.99
Abisko Meadows Doormat Abisko Meadows Doormat In stock £19.99
Leaf Coir Doormat Leaf Coir Doormat In stock £14.99
Safi Circles Rug Safi Circles Rug In stock £70
Papillon Doormat Papillon Doormat In stock £17.99
Blue Elephant Doormat Fair_Trade Blue Elephant Doormat In stock £24.99
Leopard Rug Leopard Rug In stock £90
Porthmeor Rug Porthmeor Rug In stock £145
Leaf Washable Doormat Leaf Washable Doormat In stock £35
Illinois Patchwork Runner Illinois Patchwork Runner In stock £105
Klimt Rug Klimt Rug In stock £110
Coir Tiger Doormat Coir Tiger Doormat In stock £30
Abstract Block Runner Abstract Block Runner In stock £110
Navajo Stripe Runner Fair_Trade Navajo Stripe Runner   Last few remaining £135
Savanes Rug Savanes Rug Pre-Order £140
Teal Sheepskin Rug Teal Sheepskin Rug In stock £75
Meadow Runner Meadow Runner In stock £95
Sunflower Hooked Rug Sunflower Hooked Rug In stock £110
Colourful Contrasts Outdoor Rug Colourful Contrasts Outdoor Rug   Sold Out £40
Nyzynka Rug Nyzynka Rug   Sold Out £110
Islay Rug Fair_Trade Islay Rug   Sold Out £40
Biserky Rug Biserky Rug   Sold Out £110
Mandala Rug Mandala Rug   Sold Out £110
Klee Rug Klee Rug   Sold Out £210
Suzani Rug Fair_Trade Suzani Rug   Sold Out £235
Charley Geometric Runner Charley Geometric Runner   Sold Out £70
Oval Rag Rug Oval Rag Rug   Sold Out £22.99
Blue Skies Rug Blue Skies Rug   Sold Out £110
Block Wool Runner Block Wool Runner   Sold Out £120
Orlu Runner Orlu Runner   Sold Out £120
Riley Wool Runner Riley Wool Runner   Sold Out £120
Izmir Patchwork Rug Izmir Patchwork Rug   Sold Out £150
Doncellas Rug Doncellas Rug   Sold Out £170
Robertson Rug Robertson Rug   Sold Out £235