Planters & Ornaments

Perfect finishing touches for your garden from around the globe including wind chimes, lights, planters, wall art and fountains. Discover garden ornaments with the rustic charm of Provence and Chesapeake Bay, folk motifs and hand painted details creating a warm welcome. Or capture the serenity of East Asia with quiet water features, wind sculptures the contemplative form the The Buddha.
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Herra Siili Hedgehog Ornament NEWICON Herra Siili Hedgehog Ornament £9.99
Kuli Plant Pot NEWICON Kuli Plant Pot £12.99
Butterfly Wall Art NEWICON Butterfly Wall Art £17.99
Raindrop Insect Hotel NEWICON Raindrop Insect Hotel £22.99
Zellige Triple Planters & Tray NEWICON Zellige Triple Planters & Tray £24.99
Hanging Bird Feeder NEWICON Hanging Bird Feeder £28
Pine Plant Ladder NEWICON Pine Plant Ladder £30
Sissi Planters NEWICON Sissi Planters £30
Nîmes Wall Art NEWICON Nîmes Wall Art £32
Daisy Watering Can NEWICON Daisy Watering Can £35
Luberon Watering Can NEWICON Luberon Watering Can £35
Faverolles Chicken Planter NEWICON Faverolles Chicken Planter £45
Gite Rooster Ornament NEWICON Gite Rooster Ornament £48
Vélo Wall Planter NEWICON Vélo Wall Planter £50
Sceaux Caged Planters NEWICON Sceaux Caged Planters £75
Kythira Trellis Plant Pots NEWICON Kythira Trellis Plant Pots £85
Orb Planters NEWICON Orb Planters £90
Bahia Plant Stand NEWICON Bahia Plant Stand £100
Buddha Head Sculpture NEWICON Buddha Head Sculpture £110
Turtle Planter Turtle Planter £60
Set of 2 Kirov Hens Set of 2 Kirov Hens £72
Jerada Wall Obelisk Jerada Wall Obelisk £30
Water Lily Wall Hanging Water Lily Wall Hanging £42
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime £9.99

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