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Maine Puffin Ornament Maine Puffin Ornament In stock £28
Lourmarin Watering Can Planter Lourmarin Watering Can Planter In stock £24.99
Saint-Rémy Sunflower Garden Stake Saint-Rémy Sunflower Garden Stake In stock £12.99
Jardins de Salagon Wall Pot Holder Jardins de Salagon Wall Pot Holder In stock £35
Honfleur Cockerel Silhouette Honfleur Cockerel Silhouette In stock £12.99
Umbrian Triple Flower Garden Stake Umbrian Triple Flower Garden Stake In stock £40
Vaucluse Metal Planter Vaucluse Metal Planter In stock £28
Assam Elephant Watering Can Assam Elephant Watering Can In stock £40
Somero Folk Fox Cachepot Somero Folk Fox Cachepot In stock £19.99
Totma Folk Bird Totma Folk Bird In stock £22.99
Totma Folk Dog Totma Folk Dog In stock £32
Sikkim Trio of Planters Fair_Trade Sikkim Trio of Planters In stock £65
Yellow Speckled Gecko Yellow Speckled Gecko In stock £15.99
Red Speckled Gecko Red Speckled Gecko In stock £9.99
Gascony Planter Gascony Planter In stock £17.99
Resting Buddha Resting Buddha Pre-Order £30
Coq Iron Wind Chime Coq Iron Wind Chime Pre-Order £12.99
Nîmes Wall Art Nîmes Wall Art Pre-Order £32
Sullivan Cottage Planter Sullivan Cottage Planter In stock £30
Robin Bird Feeder Robin Bird Feeder In stock £14.99
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime In stock £9.99
Pine Plant Ladder Pine Plant Ladder In stock £40
4 Parrot Pot Sitters 4 Parrot Pot Sitters In stock £22.99
Arezzo Wall Urn Planter Arezzo Wall Urn Planter In stock £24.99
Turtle Planter Turtle Planter In stock £65
Siana Solar Fountain Siana Solar Fountain In stock £115
Sidney Pygmy Sloth Planter Sidney Pygmy Sloth Planter In stock £17.99
Pair of Karasu Koi Pair of Karasu Koi In stock £30
Tabletop Greenhouse Tabletop Greenhouse In stock £50
Arles Raised Planter Arles Raised Planter In stock £115
Lily Garden Stake Lily Garden Stake   Sold Out £11.99
4-Tier Plant Stand 4-Tier Plant Stand   Sold Out £135
Green Roussillon Cockerel Green Roussillon Cockerel   Sold Out £35
Pair of Mai Planters Pair of Mai Planters   Sold Out £95
Leaping Fish Sculpture Leaping Fish Sculpture   Sold Out £665
Morannes Trellis Morannes Trellis   Sold Out £38
Halki Wind Chime Fair_Trade Halki Wind Chime   Sold Out £22.99
3 Metal Alliums 3 Metal Alliums   Sold Out £40
Murugan Peacock Murugan Peacock   Sold Out £55
Kotohiki Trellis Kotohiki Trellis   Sold Out £60