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Sanibel Windchime NEWICON Sanibel Windchime In stock £14.99
Gallic Rooster Stake NEWICON Gallic Rooster Stake In stock £12.99
Tabletop Greenhouse NEWICON Tabletop Greenhouse Pre-Order £50
Fleur Stake NEWICON Fleur Stake In stock £35
Pérouges Rooster NEWICON Pérouges Rooster In stock £38
Chao Planters NEWICON Chao Planters In stock £12.99
Escargot Ornament NEWICON Escargot Ornament   Last few remaining £14.99
Arles Raised Planter NEWICON Arles Raised Planter In stock £160
Japanese Stork Ornament NEWICON Japanese Stork Ornament In stock £50
Swan Planter Fair_Trade Swan Planter In stock £19.99
Malaga Planters Malaga Planters Pre-Order £30
Ludlow Hanger Ludlow Hanger In stock £14.99
Resting Buddha Resting Buddha Pre-Order £24.99
Nîmes Wall Art Nîmes Wall Art In stock £32
Morannes Trellis Morannes Trellis Pre-Order £28
Pine Plant Ladder Pine Plant Ladder Pre-Order £35
Set of 2 Speckled Gecko's Set of 2 Speckled Gecko's In stock £24.50
Arles Wall Urn Planter Arles Wall Urn Planter Pre-Order £22.99
Hayle Planter Hayle Planter In stock £24.99
Yasugi Planter Yasugi Planter In stock £30
Karasu Koi Karasu Koi In stock £28
Turtle Planter Turtle Planter Pre-Order £65
Coq Iron Wind Chime Coq Iron Wind Chime In stock £17.99
Odisha Elephant Planter Fair_Trade Odisha Elephant Planter In stock £19.99
4 Parrot Pot Sitters ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE 4 Parrot Pot Sitters Pre-Order £22.99
Murugan Peacock Murugan Peacock In stock £55
Red Speckled Gecko Red Speckled Gecko In stock £9.99
Yellow Speckled Gecko Yellow Speckled Gecko In stock £15.99
Faverolles Chicken Planter Faverolles Chicken Planter In stock £45
Azul Flower ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Azul Flower In stock £28
Large Azul Hare Large Azul Hare In stock £30
Buddha Head Sculpture Buddha Head Sculpture In stock £115
Small Klagetoh Planter Stand Fair_Trade Small Klagetoh Planter Stand In stock £35
Kirov Green Upright Hen Kirov Green Upright Hen In stock £38
Kirov White Hen Kirov White Hen In stock £38
Large Klagetoh Planter Stand Fair_Trade Large Klagetoh Planter Stand In stock £45
Robin Bird Feeder NEWICON Robin Bird Feeder   Out of stock £14.99
Gascony Planter NEWICON Gascony Planter   Out of stock £16.99
Dachshund Garden Ornament NEWICON Dachshund Garden Ornament   Out of stock £38
Platte River Stake NEWICON Platte River Stake   Out of stock £14.99
Nerja Terracotta Planter NEWICON Nerja Terracotta Planter   Out of stock £17.99
Pelican Ornament NEWICON Pelican Ornament   Out of stock £28
Shinto Planters NEWICON Shinto Planters   Out of stock £65
Areca Plant Pot NEWICON Areca Plant Pot   Out of stock £12.99
Pair of Seville Plant Pots Pair of Seville Plant Pots   Out of stock £17.99
Kotohiki Trellis Kotohiki Trellis   Out of stock £50
Halki Wind Chime Fair_Trade Halki Wind Chime   Out of stock £19.99
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime   Out of stock £9.99