Sweet dreams with pretty cotton pyjamas, robes and nightdresses inspired by designs from France and India.
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Zira Jacquard Reversible Robe Zira Jacquard Reversible Robe £100
Sagar Robe Sagar Robe £42
Sapporo Cotton Robe Sapporo Cotton Robe £42
Fleurs Cotton Robe Fleurs Cotton Robe £42
Azrou Kimono Azrou Kimono £42 £19.99
Benoite Embroidered Robe Benoite Embroidered Robe £80 £39.99
Joli Fleur Pyjamas Joli Fleur Pyjamas £50
Felted Cat Slippers Felted Cat Slippers £28
Rewari Kaftan Rewari Kaftan £45
Shanhan Pyjamas Shanhan Pyjamas £60
Felted Dog Slippers Felted Dog Slippers £28
Joli Fleur Robe Joli Fleur Robe £40
Valencay Nightdress Valencay Nightdress £40
Winter Lotus Flower Pyjamas Winter Lotus Flower Pyjamas £55
Margot Cotton Pyjamas Margot Cotton Pyjamas £60
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.