Back from our travels near and far, we are excited to share our new ideas to welcome in the new season in your wardrobe and through your home.
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Meknes Serving Bowl NEWICON Meknes Serving Bowl £50
Tarma Bag NEWICON Tarma Bag £50
Hooper's Lantern Lamp NEWICON Hooper's Lantern Lamp £55
Oujda Lanterns NEWICON Oujda Lanterns £55
Tapiz Bag NEWICON Tapiz Bag £55
Asilah Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Asilah Chiffon Scarf £58
Chiffon Niujie Scarf NEWICON Chiffon Niujie Scarf £58
Picasso Dog Ornament Fair_Trade Picasso Dog Ornament £58
Ifrane Top NEWICON Ifrane Top £60
Madidi Sandals NEWICON Madidi Sandals £65
Pom-Pom Throw NEWICON Pom-Pom Throw £65
Manaus Leather Bag NEWICON Manaus Leather Bag £70
Naxos LED Light String NEWICON Naxos LED Light String £70
Palaka Parasol NEWICON Palaka Parasol £75
Pirou Linen Trousers NEWICON Pirou Linen Trousers £75
Sceaux Caged Planters NEWICON Sceaux Caged Planters £75
Set of 2 Klagetoh Planter Stands Fair_Trade Set of 2 Klagetoh Planter Stands £75
Visby Leather Bag NEWICON Visby Leather Bag £75
Idukki Dress NEWICON Idukki Dress £80
Avignon Side Table NEWICON Avignon Side Table £85
Ballerina Sculpture NEWICON Ballerina Sculpture £85
Boudhanath Trousers NEWICON Boudhanath Trousers £85
Geiranger Loafers NEWICON Geiranger Loafers £85
Huicungo Skirt NEWICON Huicungo Skirt £85
Kythira Trellis Plant Pots NEWICON Kythira Trellis Plant Pots £85
Turquesa Sandals NEWICON Turquesa Sandals £85
Orb Planters NEWICON Orb Planters £90
Porthgwidden Rug NEWICON Porthgwidden Rug £90
Bahia Plant Stand NEWICON Bahia Plant Stand £100
Lviv Skirt NEWICON Lviv Skirt £100
Nallamala Rose Necklace NEWICON Nallamala Rose Necklace £100
Buddha Head Sculpture NEWICON Buddha Head Sculpture £110
Otomi Canvas NEWICON Otomi Canvas £110
Hezou Necklace NEWICON Hezou Necklace £125
Nara Fire Pit NEWICON Nara Fire Pit £130
Blue Period Bistro Set NEWICON Blue Period Bistro Set £150
St Ives Trunk NEWICON St Ives Trunk £155
Porthmeor Chair NEWICON Porthmeor Chair £175
Samos Fire Ball NEWICON Samos Fire Ball £175
Orange Casa Wicker Armchair NEWICON Orange Casa Wicker Armchair £195
Red Casa Wicker Armchair NEWICON Red Casa Wicker Armchair £195
Yasuni Cardigan NEWICON Yasuni Cardigan £200
Bayswater 5 Drawer Tallboy ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bayswater 5 Drawer Tallboy £225
Benito Tallboy NEWICON Benito Tallboy £250
Bute Storage Bench NEWICON Bute Storage Bench £250
Drop Leaf Table & Stool Set NEWICON Drop Leaf Table & Stool Set £275
Umbria Storage Unit NEWICON Umbria Storage Unit £275
Avignon Folding Bench NEWICON Avignon Folding Bench £299

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