Back from our travels near and far, we are excited to share our new ideas to welcome in the new season in your wardrobe and through your home.
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Pappagallo Dress NEWICON Pappagallo Dress £85
Lily Lamp NEWICON Lily Lamp £115
Mezyn Dress NEWICON Mezyn Dress £140
Koszeg Tea Towel NEWICON Koszeg Tea Towel £7.99
Are You Smarter than a Millennial? NEWICON Are You Smarter than a Millennial? £8.99
Red Clay Tea Light Holder NEWICON Red Clay Tea Light Holder £12.99
BBQ Tool Kit NEWICON BBQ Tool Kit £14.99
Both Tremarnock Novels NEWICON Both Tremarnock Novels £14.99
Jaipur Double Sided Cushion NEWICON Jaipur Double Sided Cushion £14.99
Ko Lipe Leather Bangle NEWICON Ko Lipe Leather Bangle £14.99
Le Chat String Dispenser NEWICON Le Chat String Dispenser £14.99
Pineapple Ornaments Trio NEWICON Pineapple Ornaments Trio £14.99
Dades Bangle NEWICON Dades Bangle £19.99
Merzouga Camel Jug NEWICON Merzouga Camel Jug £19.99
Chamba Wallet NEWICON Chamba Wallet £24.99
Zellige Triple Planters & Tray NEWICON Zellige Triple Planters & Tray £24.99
Avignon Cotton Bench Cushion NEWICON Avignon Cotton Bench Cushion £30
Stellwagen Mirror NEWICON Stellwagen Mirror £32
Kapa Inflatable Pouffe NEWICON Kapa Inflatable Pouffe £35
Lemon Oil Dipping Kit NEWICON Lemon Oil Dipping Kit £35
Socorro Earrings NEWICON Socorro Earrings £35
World Spice Blends & Rubs Tin NEWICON World Spice Blends & Rubs Tin £38
Beauvais Storage Box NEWICON Beauvais Storage Box £40
Curacao Earrings NEWICON Curacao Earrings £40
Socorro Necklace NEWICON Socorro Necklace £40
Tuscan Oval Lantern NEWICON Tuscan Oval Lantern £40
Yvoire Scarf NEWICON Yvoire Scarf £45
4 Painted Metal Alliums NEWICON 4 Painted Metal Alliums £50
Assam Solar-Lit Elephant NEWICON Assam Solar-Lit Elephant £50
Hóngsè Leather Bag NEWICON Hóngsè Leather Bag £50
Occitania Espadrille NEWICON Occitania Espadrille £55
Zhovkva Dress NEWICON Zhovkva Dress £55
Janjehli Pyjamas NEWICON Janjehli Pyjamas £65
Dax Jacket Red NEWICON Dax Jacket Red £75
Gokarna Trousers NEWICON Gokarna Trousers £75
Honfleur Leather Bag NEWICON Honfleur Leather Bag £75
Ithaka Mirror NEWICON Ithaka Mirror £75
Loire Skirt NEWICON Loire Skirt £75
Arcobaleno Sandals NEWICON Arcobaleno Sandals £80
Biei Skirt NEWICON Biei Skirt £80
Tramonto Dress NEWICON Tramonto Dress £85
Ladakh Jacket NEWICON Ladakh Jacket £100
Kerala Mirror NEWICON Kerala Mirror £115
Paizale Dress NEWICON Paizale Dress £115
Villette Storage Cupboard NEWICON Villette Storage Cupboard £115
Koutoubia Dress NEWICON Koutoubia Dress £125
Maine Rug NEWICON Maine Rug £125
Ndoki Wrap Dress NEWICON Ndoki Wrap Dress £170

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