Back from our travels near and far, we are excited to share our new ideas to welcome in the new season in your wardrobe and through your home.
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Haiti Blooms Earrings NEWICON Haiti Blooms Earrings £17.99
Vélo Doormat NEWICON Vélo Doormat £24.99
Nara Tunic NEWICON Nara Tunic £38
Tsurui Top NEWICON Tsurui Top £60
Burano Dress NEWICON Burano Dress £70
Dax Jacket Aqua NEWICON Dax Jacket Aqua £75
Vézelay Shirtdress NEWICON Vézelay Shirtdress £75
Nautique Dress NEWICON Nautique Dress £85
Samburu Necklace NEWICON Samburu Necklace £11.99
Fes Coasters NEWICON Fes Coasters £14.99
Butterfly Wall Art NEWICON Butterfly Wall Art £17.99
4 Parrot Pot Sitters NEWICON 4 Parrot Pot Sitters £22.99
Faverolles Chicken Planter NEWICON Faverolles Chicken Planter £45
Hassan Solar-lit Table NEWICON Hassan Solar-lit Table £45
Karuizawa Tunic NEWICON Karuizawa Tunic £80
Ios Candle Holder NEWICON Ios Candle Holder £12.99
Surma Tribal Scarf NEWICON Surma Tribal Scarf £14.99
Diwali Candle Bowls NEWICON Diwali Candle Bowls £17.99
Santec Bangle NEWICON Santec Bangle £17.99
Foça Navy Cotton Throw NEWICON Foça Navy Cotton Throw £19.99
Foça Orange Cotton Throw NEWICON Foça Orange Cotton Throw £19.99
Bonjour Doormat NEWICON Bonjour Doormat £22.99
Raindrop Insect Hotel NEWICON Raindrop Insect Hotel £22.99
Habanero Quad Pot NEWICON Habanero Quad Pot £24.99
Hayle Planter NEWICON Hayle Planter £24.99
Hanging Bird Feeder NEWICON Hanging Bird Feeder £28
Berkane Metal Tray NEWICON Berkane Metal Tray £35
Daisy Watering Can NEWICON Daisy Watering Can £35
Turnstones Wall Art NEWICON Turnstones Wall Art £38
Indus Mirror NEWICON Indus Mirror £40
Jade Seas Lace-hem Trousers NEWICON Jade Seas Lace-hem Trousers £40
Peshawar Agate Earrings NEWICON Peshawar Agate Earrings £55
Wildflower Dress NEWICON Wildflower Dress £210
Vibrant Seat Pads NEWICON Vibrant Seat Pads £10.99
3 Kashmiri Butterflies NEWICON 3 Kashmiri Butterflies £12.99
Pebble Tea Light Holder NEWICON Pebble Tea Light Holder £12.99
Yellow Clay Tea Light Holder NEWICON Yellow Clay Tea Light Holder £12.99
Rissani Votives NEWICON Rissani Votives £19.99
Indian Patchwork Bag NEWICON Indian Patchwork Bag £24.99
Set of 2 Beachfront Bather Ornaments NEWICON Set of 2 Beachfront Bather Ornaments £24.99
Sissi Planters NEWICON Sissi Planters £30
Luberon Watering Can NEWICON Luberon Watering Can £35
Popcorn Pan NEWICON Popcorn Pan £35
Locronan Top NEWICON Locronan Top £38
Ilocos Necklace NEWICON Ilocos Necklace £40
Lquitos Dress NEWICON Lquitos Dress £52
Ogee Mirror NEWICON Ogee Mirror £65
Rayé Dress NEWICON Rayé Dress £65

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