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New finds capture the warmth and vibrancy of homes around the globe; the bonhomie of a Provence farmhouse table, the spice tones of Rajasthan and the charm of a Russian dacha.
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Altai Magazine Rack NEWICON Altai Magazine Rack £115
Barpeta Fretwork Mirror NEWICON Barpeta Fretwork Mirror £115
Khokhloma Hexagonal Side Table NEWICON Khokhloma Hexagonal Side Table £115
Marble Dome Table Lamp NEWICON Marble Dome Table Lamp £115
Jawahar Cotton Single Quilt NEWICON Jawahar Cotton Single Quilt £120
3 Roskilde Occasional Tables NEWICON 3 Roskilde Occasional Tables £125
Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug NEWICON Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug £125
Klee 7 Drawer Tallboy NEWICON Klee 7 Drawer Tallboy £125
Navajo Stripe Runner NEWICON Navajo Stripe Runner £125
Toulon Shelving Unit NEWICON Toulon Shelving Unit £130
Kimitsu Wall Art NEWICON Kimitsu Wall Art £140
Carlsbad Caverns Rug NEWICON Carlsbad Caverns Rug £150
Tangier Quilt NEWICON Tangier Quilt £150
Morelia Table Lamp NEWICON Morelia Table Lamp £160
Ben Lomond Small Cubby Storage NEWICON Ben Lomond Small Cubby Storage £165
Riomaggiore Wool Rug NEWICON Riomaggiore Wool Rug £165
Bora Bora Table Lamp NEWICON Bora Bora Table Lamp £175
Peacock Nesting Tables NEWICON Peacock Nesting Tables £175
Tewa Family Storage Mirror NEWICON Tewa Family Storage Mirror £175
Robertson Table Lamp NEWICON Robertson Table Lamp £185
Tjörn Meadow Quilt NEWICON Tjörn Meadow Quilt £185
Berber Fringed Bench NEWICON Berber Fringed Bench £195
Family Laundry Storage NEWICON Family Laundry Storage £195
Shalimar Table Lamp NEWICON Shalimar Table Lamp £225
Yokote Rug NEWICON Yokote Rug £225
Kalmyk Rug NEWICON Kalmyk Rug £250
Samarkand 9 Drawer Cabinet NEWICON Samarkand 9 Drawer Cabinet £325
Bayswater 12 Drawer Sideboard NEWICON Bayswater 12 Drawer Sideboard £450
Java Chair & Cushions NEWICON Java Chair & Cushions £575
San Lorenzo Slipper Chair NEWICON San Lorenzo Slipper Chair £775
Anamudi Armchair NEWICON Anamudi Armchair £850

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