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New Christmas Decorations

Bring home christmas decorations inspired by celebrations from both near and far. From snowy mountain to sandy beaches and from Nordic traditions to the folk art of Santa Fe, create your very own winter wonderland this Christmas.
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Jalisco Star Decoration NEWICON Jalisco Star Decoration £7.99
Drama Llama Decoration NEWICON Drama Llama Decoration £9.99
Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration NEWICON Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration £9.99
Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration NEWICON Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration £9.99
Press Out Christmas Ornaments NEWICON Press Out Christmas Ornaments £9.99
Skanor Silhouette Decoration NEWICON Skanor Silhouette Decoration £9.99
Oslo Felt Tree NEWICON Oslo Felt Tree £12.99
Set of 3 Capilla Beaded Decorations NEWICON Set of 3 Capilla Beaded Decorations £12.99
Caserta Lit Bauble NEWICON Caserta Lit Bauble £14.99
Eric & Erica Decorations NEWICON Eric & Erica Decorations £14.99
Fiesta Rainbow Hanger NEWICON Fiesta Rainbow Hanger £14.99
Rådjur Scene Decoration NEWICON Rådjur Scene Decoration £14.99
Terracotta Nativity Sculpture NEWICON Terracotta Nativity Sculpture £14.99
Williamsburg Star Decorations NEWICON Williamsburg Star Decorations £14.99
Set of Diplodocus & T-Rex Decorations NEWICON Set of Diplodocus & T-Rex Decorations £17.99
Angel Christmas Choir NEWICON Angel Christmas Choir £19.99
Lutsk Nativity Hanging Decorations NEWICON Lutsk Nativity Hanging Decorations £19.99
Sarek Lit Scene NEWICON Sarek Lit Scene £28
San Juan Wooden Angel NEWICON San Juan Wooden Angel £30
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