Chicky Boom Game

Rule the roost with a fun balancing game: perfect for family get-togethers. Take as many chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking perch to score points without making it topple. With different weights it is harder than it looks!

21 painted birch wood and MDF pieces.
Contains: 6 chickens (6.5cm tall), 7 hay bales, 7 wagon wheels, and 1 wooden perch (32cm long).
24 x 24 x 6cm boxed.
Includes instructions.
2-4 players, age 4+.
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Overall product rating 5/5
19 April 2017
Service Rating:
Easier than Mousetrap to set up and infuriating to play. Excellent!
25 March 2017
Service Rating:
Although we haven't tried it yet - as it is for granddaughter's birthday, it looks well made and will, hopefully, provide amusement.
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