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Maussane Glasses NEWICON Maussane Glasses £6.99
L'estaque Spoon Rest NEWICON L'estaque Spoon Rest £7.99
Fresh Lime Vinegar NEWICON Fresh Lime Vinegar £8.99
Green Cucumber Vinegar NEWICON Green Cucumber Vinegar £8.99
Salignac Medium Terracotta Bowl NEWICON Salignac Medium Terracotta Bowl £9.99
Moroccan Preserved Lemons NEWICON Moroccan Preserved Lemons £14.99
Pair of Liguira Tumblers NEWICON Pair of Liguira Tumblers £14.99
Salignac Large Terracotta Bowl NEWICON Salignac Large Terracotta Bowl £14.99
Pair of Liguira Highball Tumblers NEWICON Pair of Liguira Highball Tumblers £18.99
Discover France: The Big Travel Book NEWICON Discover France: The Big Travel Book £24.99
Carlotta Table Runner NEWICON Carlotta Table Runner £28
Emerald Velvet Cushion NEWICON Emerald Velvet Cushion £28
Fuchsia Velvet Cushion NEWICON Fuchsia Velvet Cushion £28
Yellow Velvet Cushion NEWICON Yellow Velvet Cushion £28
Portofino Tray NEWICON Portofino Tray £35
4 Portofino Side Plates NEWICON 4 Portofino Side Plates £36
Portofino Platter NEWICON Portofino Platter £36
Villeneuve Painted Tray NEWICON Villeneuve Painted Tray £38
Liguria Jug NEWICON Liguria Jug £45
Peacock Applique Cushion NEWICON Peacock Applique Cushion £55
Lyonnaise Table Lantern NEWICON Lyonnaise Table Lantern £68
Vitré Wall Shelf Unit NEWICON Vitré Wall Shelf Unit £90
Marble Dome Table Lamp NEWICON Marble Dome Table Lamp £115
Toulon Shelving Unit NEWICON Toulon Shelving Unit £130

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