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Tahaa Alpaca Cardigan

ITEM CODE: 58384
Envelope yourself in the embrace of this luxurious cardigan, crafted by hand from softest alpaca and inspired by the lush rainforests of the Tahaa islands. Beautifully made, this s...
Envelope yourself in the embrace of this luxurious cardigan, crafted by hand from softest alpaca and inspired by the lush rainforests of the Tahaa islands. Beautifully made, this soft and cosy cardigan blends meditative hues with a blossoming botanical print of exotic leaves, flowers and foliage. The classic design of this versatile cardigan is complemented by the vibrant print, creating a piece of wearable art. Finished with intricate stitching and detail, this artisanal cardigan is a joy to wear.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue, Green
7 Buttons

65cm long
Handwash only
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Overall product rating 4.5/5
09 October 2018
Service Rating:
Beautifully made work of art. Soft and comfortable to wear. I ordered a larger size than I would have done normally and it fits nicely.
14 February 2018
Service Rating:
I was disappointed. I had purchased an alpaca cardigan ages ago. Wore it sparingly for all these years and wallowed in the compliments it attracted. The two cardigans I received are way smaller than the old one but wirth the same label L. I will keep them because fortuanetly I have lost some weight but nevertheless I would have liked them to have the same roominess that the old one,
22 December 2016
Service Rating:
03 December 2016
Service Rating:
Fitted well, good quality
19 September 2016
Service Rating:
I bought my first Alpaca cardigan 2 years ago. Just love it. It has been my best friend in constant wear as either a cardigan in cold weather or a warm coat on sunny, colder days. It has always washed well, however I always do this by hand and roll it in a towel, basically treating it very gently throughout and drying it on a flat surface. It still is a perfect as the day it was purchased.

Health issues have caused me to replace it as I am now half the size I was, one thing I could not do without is the Alpaca cardigan so I was delighted to be able to source a replacement. Strongly recommended. The colours fit with whatever I am wearing and I know it will get as much use as the original which has now been passed down to my daughter. Just had to keep it in the family, it is such a good and trusty friend now.
17 November 2015
Service Rating:
Had to wait a long time for it as it was out of stock.