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Plymouth Trivet NEWICON Plymouth Trivet In stock £19.99
Cabbage Serving Bowl NEWICON Cabbage Serving Bowl In stock £50
Artichoke Plate NEWICON Artichoke Plate In stock £12.99
Asparagus Plate NEWICON Asparagus Plate   Last few remaining £12.99
Dubout Cat Tea Towel NEWICON Dubout Cat Tea Towel In stock £12.99
Poulet Mug NEWICON Poulet Mug In stock £14.99
Blommor Chopping Board NEWICON Blommor Chopping Board In stock £28
Abstract Mug Abstract Mug In stock £10.99
Blue Tit Mug Blue Tit Mug   Last few remaining £9.99
Recycled Glass Milk Bottle Recycled Glass Milk Bottle In stock £14.99
Gallic Rooster Trivet Gallic Rooster Trivet In stock £7.99
Marble Gin Stones ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Marble Gin Stones In stock £7.99
Terracotta Oven-to-Table Dish Terracotta Oven-to-Table Dish In stock £9.99
Abstract Elephant Trivet Fair_Trade Abstract Elephant Trivet In stock £12.99
Cairngorm Trivet Cairngorm Trivet In stock £35
Suszki Large Oven Dish Suszki Large Oven Dish In stock £50
Glazed Terracotta Soup Bowl Glazed Terracotta Soup Bowl In stock £12.99
Set of 4 Milano Glasses ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Set of 4 Milano Glasses In stock £30
Suszki Lasagne Dish Suszki Lasagne Dish In stock £78
Pains de France Tea Towel ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pains de France Tea Towel In stock £12.99
BBQ Tool Kit BBQ Tool Kit In stock £14.99
Mango Wood Owl Trivet Fair_Trade Mango Wood Owl Trivet In stock £19.99
Set of 4 Camembert Plates Set of 4 Camembert Plates In stock £24.99
Medina Appetiser Dish ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Medina Appetiser Dish   Last few remaining £50