Bread Sauce Condiment Spoon

Unique upcycled vintage spoon, stamped with 'a BIG dollop of bread sauce'.
Spoon bowl shape and handle decoration will vary, as each is an original vintage condiment spoon. A truly unique gift.

c.13cm long.
Gift boxed.
Not dishwasher safe.
Hand-stamped in the UK.
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Overall product rating 4/5
23 December 2015
Service Rating:
Product not what we expected. Not as intricate as those advertised on your website.
The website needs improvement. Postage costs very high.
Shipped in a large cardboard box even though it would have fitted in a small jiffy bag.
22 December 2015
Service Rating:
21 December 2015
Service Rating:
The spoon, although lovely, was quite a lot smaller than it appeared in the picture.
16 December 2015
Service Rating:
I am aware the spoons are all individual antique spoons BUT please give some thought to what it is being used for and don't write " A BIG DOLLOP OF BREAD SAUCE " on a teaspoon surely a larger spoon would have been better as shown in your caterlogue .
22 November 2015
Service Rating:
as advertised
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