5 Blossom Bowls

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“It is true, as they say, that the blossoms of spring are all the more precious because they bloom so briefly.” ? Murasaki Shikibu in The Tale of Genji (????)
Inspired by the st...
“It is true, as they say, that the blossoms of spring are all the more precious because they bloom so briefly.” ? Murasaki Shikibu in The Tale of Genji (????)
Inspired by the stylised blooms found in Eastern art, this set of 5 porcelain bowls have been daintily decorated with a freehand blossom motif. Be reminded of the celebration of hanami in Japan where the beauty of cherry blossom or 'sakura' is customarily admired in the early spring. Each glazed porcelain bowl has been coloured in a gentle pastel hue, reminiscent of the springtime.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Green, Blue, Pink
Glazed porcelain
One of each colour
c.6.5 x 12cm
Dishwasher safe
Gift boxed
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Overall product rating 4.7/5
By Ms Margaret Tingle
22 November 2020
Service Rating:
Very beautiful Japanese bowls. Make a lovely gift with a set of Chopsticks. Really thrilled with these.
11 November 2020
Service Rating:
I bought this as a gift for my friend.
By Alison Bryce
06 June 2020
Service Rating:
Very pretty and a lovely gift.
14 April 2020
Service Rating:
Good for the sale price. The colours are very pale and I wouldn't have bought them at full price.
By Millie Scaife
30 January 2020
Service Rating:
I was very pleased with these - lovely.
27 January 2020
Service Rating:
Very pretty bowls, they are going to make a lovely present.
By Gillian Carlton
22 January 2020
Service Rating:
These are beautiful bowls and it is lovely that there are so many different colours. I shall be keeping some for myself and giving others to friends. Thought for the number of bowls that they were good value.
11 December 2019
Service Rating:
Pretty and useful bowls
By Julia B
24 June 2019
Service Rating:
A handy size for use in the kitchen and like the pretty pastel colours.
By Maggie Bligh
25 January 2019
Service Rating:
couldn't tell from the catalogue how fine they were. A bit too chunky for me, so returned them. my fault.