Jardin Patchwork Cosmetic Bag

Charming quilted patchwork bag, decorated with embroidery and lace ribbons. Printed cotton, with cotton voile lining.
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Overall product rating 2/5
By Montana
28 January 2019
Service Rating:
Minimalist quality. Not good enough to give as a present.
Hi Veronica, Thank you for your feedback. I apologise for the issues caused and can confirm that your order has been fully refunded, as per your conversation with our customer service team. Many thanks, Montana
By Culture Vulture
24 January 2019
Service Rating:
I actually ordered the Jardin Patchwork overnight bag but the cosmetic bag was sent instead. Something to do with the wrong product code in the brochure I was told. I rang to advise of the wrong bag being sent and was advised that the overnight bag was now out of stock and my payment will be refunded. This was disappointing.
Thank you for your feedback.

I can confirm that i have contacted you privately regarding this.

I apologise for any disappointment caused.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Johns
Customer Services

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