Constellation Silver & Amber Pendant

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Boldly-conceived silver and amber pendant inspired by Spanish artist Joan Miro's Constellation, Awakening at Dawn. Constellations is a series of 23 small paintings on paper, initiated by Miró in 1939 and completed in 1941. His grandson described them as 'a sublime break. They are the way to the power. Towards the universe. They are a door to escape from a circumstantial war, from a genocide, from the brutality of nonsense. The Constellations are like saying: my only salvation in this world tragedy is the spirit, the soul that leads me to heaven. That brings me to the sublime.'
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Orange, Yellow, Silver
Silver and amber
5cm x 3.5cm on 45.7cm chain with spring ring clasp
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift boxed
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Overall product rating 5/5
27 September 2019
Service Rating:
Very pretty pendant. Chain just the right length and the pendant itself is unusual and sparkly. Love the different colours of amber.