Birsk Sheepskin Boots

Cosy sheepskin style which can be worn zipped up or turned down and poppered
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Overall product rating 4.3/5
16 January 2019
Service Rating:
Am usually a 5.5, so thought 6 would be very roomy with thick socks, but they fit snugly with no extra room. Nice round toe, as expected (couldn't see from picture). Insides have flattened a bit over past couple of weeks, so not super tight, but there is no extra space. I like the look of the boots, as in the picture, but can't fold them down and popper, as the poppers are in the wrong place/won't align. Other than that, am very happy with these boots. Feels like real sheepskin inside. Good price. Thank you!
07 January 2019
Service Rating:
Perfect, very comfortable and beautifully made. I am so pleased with my new boots.
17 November 2018
Dereham Norfolk
Service Rating:
My boots are beautiful but just a tiny bit small. I’m a 5 and a half but ordered 6 as a lot of places don’t do the half size’s.
They are just a tiny bit small which they shouldn’t be they should be a tiny bit big.
I’m hoping they will stretch in time. That’s the only reason for the slightly lower score as the boots are sturdy and great quality.

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