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Bring home the warmth of homes from India to Scandinavia with crafted finds. Discover furniture, cushions, bedding and rugs which sing with the colours of the countries and celebrate regional patterns and craftsmanship.
Cushions & Throws Bedding Rugs & Runners
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Jaipur Double Sided Floor Cushion Jaipur Double Sided Floor Cushion £40
Pista Reversible Rug Pista Reversible Rug £40
Pradesh Pom-Pom Cushion Pradesh Pom-Pom Cushion £65
Orlu Runner Orlu Runner £115
Izmir Patchwork Rug Izmir Patchwork Rug £140
Emerald Velvet Cushion Emerald Velvet Cushion £28
Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion Fair_Trade Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion £38
Zebra Wool Rug Zebra Wool Rug £78
Tay Wool Throw Tay Wool Throw £95
Riley Wool Runner Riley Wool Runner £115
Wool Pom-Pom Throw Wool Pom-Pom Throw £125
Menton Cotton Quilt Menton Cotton Quilt £190
Applique Cockerel Cushion ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Applique Cockerel Cushion £22.99
Fuchsia Velvet Cushion Fuchsia Velvet Cushion £28
Navajo Zig Zag Cushion Fair_Trade Navajo Zig Zag Cushion £38
Stripe Navajo Cushion Fair_Trade Stripe Navajo Cushion £38
Baja Folk Bird Cushion Fair_Trade Baja Folk Bird Cushion £45
Peacock Applique Cushion ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Peacock Applique Cushion £55
Meadow Runner Meadow Runner £90
Klimt Rug Klimt Rug £95
Dakota Rug ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Dakota Rug £100
Block Wool Runner Back_In_Stock Block Wool Runner £115
Navajo Stripe Runner Fair_Trade Navajo Stripe Runner £125
Savanes Rug Back_In_Stock Savanes Rug £140
Kirova Quilt Kirova Quilt £145
Gudriwork Bedspread Gudriwork Bedspread £165
Loretto Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Loretto Quilt £165
Riomaggiore Wool Rug Riomaggiore Wool Rug £165
Gillmor Oystercatchers Cushion ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Gillmor Oystercatchers Cushion £38
Gillmor Puffin Cushion Gillmor Puffin Cushion £40
Frida Kahlo Cat Cushion Back_In_Stock Frida Kahlo Cat Cushion £45
Floral Applique Cushion Floral Applique Cushion £50
Hummingbird Linen Curtain Back_In_Stock Hummingbird Linen Curtain £100
Tropical Applique Cushion Tropical Applique Cushion £55
Sogen Lily Pad Cushion Sogen Lily Pad Cushion £60
Teal Sheepskin Rug Back_In_Stock Teal Sheepskin Rug £65
Illinois Patchwork Runner Back_In_Stock Illinois Patchwork Runner £95
Odisha Embroidered Runner Fair_Trade Odisha Embroidered Runner £100
Jawahar Cotton Single Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Jawahar Cotton Single Quilt £120
Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug Fair_Trade Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug £125
Carlsbad Caverns Rug Carlsbad Caverns Rug £150
Tangier Quilt Tangier Quilt £150
Lintu Throw ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Lintu Throw £175
Behisht Garden Double Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Behisht Garden Double Quilt £185
Robertson Rug ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Robertson Rug £220

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