Urna Wall Plaque

Representing inner peace and the moment before Buddha’s spiritual awakening, depictions of Buddha’s closed eyes are a popular focus for meditation. Nepalese ‘stupa’ (shrines) include the Buddha’s eyes gazing out on 4 sides, representing all-seeing wisdom. The mark above the bridge of the nose is called the ‘urna’ and represents a ‘3rd eye’: Buddha’s ability to see beyond the material world.

Carved and gilt-painted albesia wood.
c.28.5 x 15 x 2.5cm.
Metal hook for hanging on reverse
Handmade in Bali, each may vary slightly.
Fair Trade.
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Overall product rating 5/5
07 February 2018
Service Rating:
Nice product. Well made. Prompt service.
03 February 2018
Service Rating:
Exactly as seen in catalogue .
28 January 2018
Service Rating:
This was much better than expected. It makes a real statement and is a perfect repkacement for old ornaments being disposed of. It really stands out no matter where in the room it's placed.
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