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Pair of Ore Bunny Domes

ITEM CODE: 62137
Pair of glass domes decorations with carved wooden bunnies recalling the folk art of the Erzgebirge in Germany.
Pair of glass domes decorations with carved wooden bunnies recalling the folk art of the Erzgebirge in Germany.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Brown
Each 10cm tall
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Overall product rating 4/5
06 April 2020
Service Rating:
Really cute. Will be great on the Easter table
23 October 2019
Service Rating:
These were excellent value as I bought in sale. Lovely intricate design. I'm going to put away and give as easter gifts.
By Chloe
15 August 2019
Service Rating:
Disappointed that I received 2 blue bunnies instead of the advertised pink & blue.
One of the boxes had obviously been a return previously rewrapped & hand written as pink in error.
We're sorry to hear this, I've arranged for a member of our customer service team to get in touch with you shortly. Kind Regards, Chloe
08 August 2019
Service Rating:
lovely easter decoration.
04 May 2019
Service Rating:
A very cute item, but I was disappointed with the quality.
06 April 2019
Service Rating:
They were ideal great grand children.