Folk Art Easter Sign

ITEM CODE: 62143
Decorated with simple folk flowers.
Decorated with simple folk flowers.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue, White
Painted wood
18.5 x 45cm
Indoor use only
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Overall product rating 5/5
By Mrs Stella Batson
05 March 2021
Service Rating:
Great quality. Will be a lovely addition to my Easter decorations.
By Mrs Val Eley
04 March 2021
Service Rating:
This Easter sign was really delightful really solid & very pretty in its decor.
03 March 2021
Service Rating:
Well made and looks even better than it did in the catalogue. I'm glad I ordered when I did as it was sold out a few days later.
By PaulaJ
09 April 2020
Service Rating:
This is even nicer than in the picture. Really lovely
By Yvonne Setters
28 February 2020
Service Rating:
Good size, well made and received in a couple of days.
By Anne Barrow
25 February 2020
Service Rating:
Lovely sign, can’t wait to use it for Easter
18 February 2020
Service Rating:
This looks just as good as the illustration in the brochure and on the website: it will be a charming addition to my Easter decorations. Nicely made, and arrived well packed.
28 January 2020
Service Rating:
A Okay once is enough for a ! review do not keep repeating . This lets you down
By A Parry
07 April 2019
Service Rating:
Fantastic. looks amazing.
07 April 2019
Service Rating:
Very happy with the quality