Barakah Mini Lantern

An atmospheric and dainty lantern which, when lit, casts beautiful colours and patterns onto the walls and ceiling. Meaning ‘blessing’ in Arabic, ‘barakah’ is associated with light as a symbol of spiritual wisdom. Associated with Morocco, the jewel-like colours and punched designs of this style of lantern derived from the art and architecture of the Moorish empire.
Size & Additional Information
Punched brass and patterned, coloured glass panels; with a hinged door to open
c.15 x 6.5cm sq., plus hanging hook
Requires an LED tea light. Can be used with a conventional tea light (not supplied) but the metal will become hot and would be safer to display standing on a suitable, flame-resistant surface
Handmade in India, supporting smaller, artisanal producers
Lanterns may vary slightly
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