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Explore finds from around the globe from lighting and candle holders to decorative accents. Bring home the best of regional crafts to create a vibrant home with unique pieces, each with a story to tell.
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Babushka Doll Babushka Doll £42
Bordeaux Storage Bordeaux Storage £48
Cloisonne Koi Cloisonne Koi £50
Lacrima Mirror Lacrima Mirror £90
Smithfield 6-Drawer Tallboy Smithfield 6-Drawer Tallboy £175
Sealed with a Kiss Keepsake Sealed with a Kiss Keepsake £5.50
Norfolk County Felt Pumpkin Norfolk County Felt Pumpkin £6.99
Flying Swallows NEWICON Flying Swallows £12.99
Owl Shakers Trio Owl Shakers Trio £14.99
Påsk Rabbit Påsk Rabbit £14.99
6 Felt Chickens 6 Felt Chickens £19.99
Elephant Toran Elephant Toran £19.99
Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp £24.99
Koure Giraffes Fair_Trade Koure Giraffes £24.99
Zebra Wall Art Fair_Trade Zebra Wall Art £28
Coir Tiger Doormat NEWICON Coir Tiger Doormat £30
Dining Out Wall Clock Dining Out Wall Clock £30
Hanami LED Tree Hanami LED Tree £35
Beauvais Organiser Beauvais Organiser £40
Orissa Jewellery Box Orissa Jewellery Box £40
Bramming 13 Drawer Chest Bramming 13 Drawer Chest £160
Alwar Elephant Alwar Elephant £17.99
Alwar Peacock Alwar Peacock £17.99
Set of 4 Woolly Lambs Decorations Set of 4 Woolly Lambs Decorations £18.99
Lubéron Storage Tin Fair_Trade Lubéron Storage Tin £22.99
My Sunshine Stitchery My Sunshine Stitchery £24.99
Giraffe Wall Art Fair_Trade Giraffe Wall Art £28
Muse Vase Muse Vase £30
Pair of Providence Rabbits Pair of Providence Rabbits £32
Alwar Enamel Elephant & Peacock Alwar Enamel Elephant & Peacock £34.50
Bushbuck Antelope Sculpture Bushbuck Antelope Sculpture £35
Springtime Wreath Springtime Wreath £35
Kirov Pecking Hen Kirov Pecking Hen £38
Kirov Upright Hen Kirov Upright Hen £38
Optical Bowl Fair_Trade Optical Bowl £38
Blue Fretwork Mirror Blue Fretwork Mirror £40
Spring Flower Arrangement Spring Flower Arrangement £40
Bengal Vase Bengal Vase £55
Hummingbird Linen Curtain Hummingbird Linen Curtain £55
Gordes Umbrella Stand Gordes Umbrella Stand £60
Navajo Linen Basket Navajo Linen Basket £60
Luce Wall Shelf Luce Wall Shelf £65
Ruska Roma Jewellery Box Ruska Roma Jewellery Box £65
Set of 2 Kirov Hens Set of 2 Kirov Hens £72
The Blue House & Setting Sail Prints The Blue House & Setting Sail Prints £85
Klimt Print Klimt Print £110
Cortona 1-Drawer 2-Basket Storage Unit Cortona 1-Drawer 2-Basket Storage Unit £140
Shantou Mulberry Cabinet Shantou Mulberry Cabinet £150

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