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Explore finds from around the globe from lighting and candle holders to decorative accents. Bring home the best of regional crafts to create a vibrant home with unique pieces, each with a story to tell.
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Lechang Orchid Light Chain Lechang Orchid Light Chain £45
Happy Easter Candles Happy Easter Candles £14.99
Ruska Roma Tin Fair_Trade Ruska Roma Tin £17.99
Set of 2 Kirov Hens Set of 2 Kirov Hens £72
Bramming 13 Drawer Chest Bramming 13 Drawer Chest £160
Folk Birds Doormat Folk Birds Doormat £24.99
Muse Vase Muse Vase £30
Abrams Sheep Abrams Sheep £32
Liski Metal Wreath Fair_Trade Liski Metal Wreath £40
Springtime Scented Tealights Springtime Scented Tealights £12.99
Valbonne Bird Hooks Valbonne Bird Hooks £14.99
Sea Turtle Wall Art Sea Turtle Wall Art £17.99
Floral Triple Hooks Floral Triple Hooks £19.99
My Sunshine Stitchery My Sunshine Stitchery £24.99
Klee Print Klee Print £35
The Blue House Print The Blue House Print £45
Arles 4 Hook Wall Storage Arles 4 Hook Wall Storage £55
Gansu Collage Frame Gansu Collage Frame £62
Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp £24.99
Spring Flower Arrangement Spring Flower Arrangement £40
Setting Sail Print Setting Sail Print £45
Anzi Tiles Anzi Tiles £52
Lacrima Mirror Lacrima Mirror £90
Smithfield 6-Drawer Tallboy Smithfield 6-Drawer Tallboy £175
Bathing Belle Bathing Belle £15.99
El Chile Ornament El Chile Ornament £19.99
Novgorod Candlestick Novgorod Candlestick £19.99
Boundless Light Buddha Boundless Light Buddha £22.99
Grasse Jug Grasse Jug £22.99
Grasse Rose Bouquet & Jug Grasse Rose Bouquet & Jug £55
Please look after this Bear Keepsake Please look after this Bear Keepsake £5.50
Armadillo Ornament Armadillo Ornament £12.99
Asvattha Tree Wind Chime Fair_Trade Asvattha Tree Wind Chime £22.99
Oslo Amber Owl Oslo Amber Owl £22.99
Koure Giraffes Fair_Trade Koure Giraffes £24.99
28 Pierced-Work Lights 28 Pierced-Work Lights £32
Provence Bouquet Provence Bouquet £55
Beaver Sculpture Beaver Sculpture £60
Gordes Umbrella Stand Gordes Umbrella Stand £60
Navajo Linen Basket Navajo Linen Basket £60
Retro Record Case Retro Record Case £60
Klimt Print Klimt Print £110
Leghang 9 Drawer Cabinet Leghang 9 Drawer Cabinet £140
Telouet Lamp Telouet Lamp £140
Ben Lomond Cubby Storage Ben Lomond Cubby Storage £210
Laholm Trunk Laholm Trunk £225
Sealed with a Kiss Keepsake Sealed with a Kiss Keepsake £5.50
Grizzly Bottle Opener Grizzly Bottle Opener £9.99

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