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Explore finds from around the globe from lighting and candle holders to decorative accents. Bring home the best of regional crafts to create a vibrant home with unique pieces, each with a story to tell.
Decorative Accessories Wall Art & Mirrors Ornaments & Statues Lighting Candles & Holders
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Paschal Eggs Paschal Eggs In stock £9.99
Carved Gourd Bird Ornament Fair_Trade Carved Gourd Bird Ornament In stock £12.99
Fleur de Pâques Fleur de Pâques In stock £12.99
Savannah Gazelle Mask Fair_Trade Savannah Gazelle Mask In stock £17.99
Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop In stock £22.99
3 Folk Owl Ornaments 3 Folk Owl Ornaments In stock £24.99
Zebra Wall Art Fair_Trade Zebra Wall Art In stock £28
Pair of Providence Rabbits Pair of Providence Rabbits In stock £32
Hanami LED Tree Hanami LED Tree In stock £38
Lotus Lacquered Jewellery Box Lotus Lacquered Jewellery Box In stock £75
Lacrima Mirror Lacrima Mirror In stock £90
Edgewood Copper Lamp Edgewood Copper Lamp   Last few remaining £140
Ewe Are My World Keepsake Ewe Are My World Keepsake In stock £4.99
Mr Top Hat Mr Top Hat In stock £7.99
Mrs Green Hat Mrs Green Hat In stock £7.99
Blossom Rabbit Blossom Rabbit In stock £9.99
Blossom Chick Blossom Chick In stock £12.99
Påsk Rabbit Påsk Rabbit In stock £14.99
Spring Flowers Wreath Spring Flowers Wreath In stock £17.99
Set of 4 Woolly Lambs Decorations Set of 4 Woolly Lambs Decorations In stock £18.99
6 Felt Chickens 6 Felt Chickens In stock £19.99
Laid back Lapin Rabbit Ornament Laid back Lapin Rabbit Ornament In stock £19.99
Giraffe Wall Art Fair_Trade Giraffe Wall Art In stock £28
Springtime Wreath Springtime Wreath In stock £35
Kirov Green Upright Hen Kirov Green Upright Hen In stock £38
Kirov Pecking Hen Kirov Pecking Hen Pre-Order £38
Kirov Upright Hen Kirov Upright Hen Pre-Order £38
Kirov White Hen Kirov White Hen In stock £38
Vermont Moss & Daisy Rabbit Vermont Moss & Daisy Rabbit In stock £38
Spring Flower Arrangement Spring Flower Arrangement In stock £40
Spring Tulip Arrangement Spring Tulip Arrangement In stock £45
So Nutty Warhol Print So Nutty Warhol Print   Last few remaining £65
Lyonnaise Table Lantern Lyonnaise Table Lantern   Last few remaining £68
Set of 2 Kirov Hens Set of 2 Kirov Hens Pre-Order £72
Klimt Print Klimt Print In stock £115
Elephant Side Table Elephant Side Table Pre-Order £135
Robertson Table Lamp Robertson Table Lamp In stock £185
Holden Storage Unit Holden Storage Unit In stock £230
Jaipur Painted Sideboard Jaipur Painted Sideboard In stock £500
Valais Tealight Holder Valais Tealight Holder In stock £48
Maine Bird Tree Decoration NEWICON Maine Bird Tree Decoration   Out of stock £14.99
Jumping Santas Decorations Jumping Santas Decorations   Out of stock £12.99
Chirala Floral Picture Frame Fair_Trade Chirala Floral Picture Frame   Out of stock £19.99
Alwar Peacock Alwar Peacock   Out of stock £17.99
Asvattha Tree Wind Chime Fair_Trade Asvattha Tree Wind Chime   Out of stock £22.99
Diwali Candle Bowls Diwali Candle Bowls   Out of stock £17.99
Luo Figure Luo Figure   Out of stock £19.99
Grasse Rose Bouquet Grasse Rose Bouquet   Out of stock £40

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