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Explore finds from around the globe from lighting and candle holders to decorative accents. Bring home the best of regional crafts to create a vibrant home with unique pieces, each with a story to tell.
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Homestead Happiness Porcelain Plaque NEWICON Homestead Happiness Porcelain Plaque £7.99
Blue Elephant Doormat Fair_Trade Blue Elephant Doormat £24.99
Soapstone Elephant Fair_Trade Soapstone Elephant £42
Lavender & Verbena Candle Lavender & Verbena Candle £19.99
Lorikeet Lorikeet £22.99
Dancing Dragonfly Wind Chime Dancing Dragonfly Wind Chime £14.99
Loma Pygmy Hippo Fair_Trade Loma Pygmy Hippo £30
Chandka Oil Diffuser Fair_Trade Chandka Oil Diffuser £17.99
Medium Twiza Giraffe Head Fair_Trade Medium Twiza Giraffe Head £42
Large Twiza giraffe Head Fair_Trade Large Twiza giraffe Head £48
Lofoten Lamp Lofoten Lamp £70
Villette Lamp Villette Lamp £70
Set of 2 Twiza Giraffe Heads Fair_Trade Set of 2 Twiza Giraffe Heads £85
Harris Tweed Bobbin Table Lamp Harris Tweed Bobbin Table Lamp £110
Kerala Crewelwork Wall Hanging Fair_Trade Kerala Crewelwork Wall Hanging £175
Good Friends Porcelain Bird Good Friends Porcelain Bird £5.99
Winter Gleam Mini Star Lights Winter Gleam Mini Star Lights £9.99
Recycled Roll Holder Recycled Roll Holder £38
'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel 'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel £16.99
Laughing Budai Laughing Budai £16.99
Turtle Oil Burner Fair_Trade Turtle Oil Burner £12.99
Oiseaux Wine Bottle Candle Holder Oiseaux Wine Bottle Candle Holder £24.99
Anzi Tiles Anzi Tiles £52
Bathing Belle Bathing Belle £15.99
28 Pierced-Work Lights 28 Pierced-Work Lights £32
'May your days...' Guardian Angel 'May your days...' Guardian Angel £16.99
Please look after this Bear Keepsake Please look after this Bear Keepsake £5.50
Lavender Mouse Lavender Mouse £9.99
20 Pierced-Work Lights 20 Pierced-Work Lights £19.99
Gansu Collage Frame Gansu Collage Frame £62
Armadillo Ornament Armadillo Ornament £12.99
Caserta Lit Bauble Caserta Lit Bauble £14.99
El Chile Ornament El Chile Ornament £19.99
Keshavan Elephant Carving Keshavan Elephant Carving £19.99
Asvattha Tree Wind Chime Fair_Trade Asvattha Tree Wind Chime £22.99
Boundless Light Buddha Boundless Light Buddha £22.99
Retro Record Case Retro Record Case £60
Seal & Bear Wooden Keepsakes Seal & Bear Wooden Keepsakes £9.99
Güell Mirror Fair_Trade Güell Mirror £30
Zebra & Giraffe Wall Art Fair_Trade Zebra & Giraffe Wall Art £53
Albany Storage Tidy Albany Storage Tidy £130
Frosted Forest Candle Frosted Forest Candle £8.99
Owl Calaca Owl Calaca £12.99
Set 6 Feathered Clip-on Decorations Set 6 Feathered Clip-on Decorations £14.99
Felt Grizzly Bear Felt Grizzly Bear £18.99
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks £24.99
Abrams Sheep Abrams Sheep £32
Liski Metal Wreath Fair_Trade Liski Metal Wreath £40

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