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Explore finds from around the globe from lighting and candle holders to decorative accents. Bring home the best of regional crafts to create a vibrant home with unique pieces, each with a story to tell.
Decorative Accessories Wall Art & Mirrors Ornaments & Statues Lighting Candles & Holders
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Jaèn Olive Tree NEWICON Jaèn Olive Tree Pre-Order £48
Shiraz Plaque NEWICON Shiraz Plaque In stock £55
Tanzhe Faux Magnolia Tree NEWICON Tanzhe Faux Magnolia Tree Pre-Order £58
Sakura Wall Art NEWICON Sakura Wall Art In stock £75
Circles in a Circle Print NEWICON Circles in a Circle Print In stock £85
Heading to the Top Paperweight NEWICON Heading to the Top Paperweight In stock £100
Savannah Floor Lamp Fair_Trade Savannah Floor Lamp Pre-Order £135
Rainforest Lamp NEWICON Rainforest Lamp In stock £175
Good Friends Porcelain Bird Good Friends Porcelain Bird In stock £5.99
Bamberg Festive Mice Decorations Bamberg Festive Mice Decorations In stock £12.99
Gaja Tea Light ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Gaja Tea Light In stock £8.99
Porcelain Gaurdian Angel ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Porcelain Gaurdian Angel In stock £7.99
Moomin Lamp ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Moomin Lamp In stock £17.99
Liski Hook ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Liski Hook In stock £5.99
Zernez Festive Decoration Zernez Festive Decoration   Last few remaining £16.99
Sea Turtle Wall Art Sea Turtle Wall Art In stock £17.99
Little Birthmonth Angel Decoration Little Birthmonth Angel Decoration Limited availability £4.99
Great Plains Pumpkins Great Plains Pumpkins In stock £6.99
Laughing Budai Laughing Budai In stock £16.99
4 Jaipur Candle Votives 4 Jaipur Candle Votives In stock £16.99
Urna Wall Plaque Urna Wall Plaque In stock £19.99
Elephant Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Elephant Box In stock £45
Turtle Oil Burner Fair_Trade Turtle Oil Burner In stock £12.99
'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel 'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel In stock £16.99
Abuja Twist Tea Light Holders Fair_Trade Abuja Twist Tea Light Holders In stock £28
6 Feathered Clip-on Bird Decorations 6 Feathered Clip-on Bird Decorations In stock £14.99
Star Tea Light Holder Fair_Trade Star Tea Light Holder   Last few remaining £30
Bramming 13-Drawer Chest Bramming 13-Drawer Chest In stock £180
Sovana Tulip Decoration Sovana Tulip Decoration In stock £6.99
Mademoiselle Mouse Mademoiselle Mouse In stock £8.99
Chobe Elephant Ornament Fair_Trade Chobe Elephant Ornament In stock £30
Macaw Windchime Fair_Trade Macaw Windchime In stock £19.99
Lorikeet Storage Jar Lorikeet Storage Jar In stock £35
Barakah Mini Lantern Barakah Mini Lantern In stock £11.99
Tiger, Tiger Pot Tiger, Tiger Pot In stock £22.99
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks In stock £24.99
Flying Swallows Flying Swallows In stock £12.99
Pineapple Ornaments Trio Pineapple Ornaments Trio In stock £14.99
Lechang Orchid Light String Lechang Orchid Light String In stock £45
Cloisonne Koi Cloisonne Koi In stock £50
Ruska Crochet Heart Ruska Crochet Heart In stock £17.99
Keshavan Elephant Carving Fair_Trade Keshavan Elephant Carving In stock £19.99
Kantha Painted Tray Kantha Painted Tray In stock £28
Ujjain Tea Light Holder Ujjain Tea Light Holder   Last few remaining £35
Otomi Canvas Otomi Canvas   Last few remaining £110
Providence 2 Basket Storage Unit Providence 2 Basket Storage Unit In stock £145
Some Bunny Loves You Keepsake Some Bunny Loves You Keepsake In stock £4.99
Tin Bird Decorations Tin Bird Decorations In stock £7.99

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