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Morris Louis Bag NEWICON Morris Louis Bag £30
Hidden Frida Kahlo NEWICON Hidden Frida Kahlo £39.99
The Magic Lamp NEWICON The Magic Lamp £16.99
Abstract Tights NEWICON Abstract Tights £22.99
Optical Bowl NEWICON Optical Bowl £38
So Nutty Warhol Print NEWICON So Nutty Warhol Print £65
Klee Wool Throw NEWICON Klee Wool Throw £175
Jaipur Painted Sideboard NEWICON Jaipur Painted Sideboard £475
Starry Night Druzy Necklace Starry Night Druzy Necklace £50
Beryl Cook Calendar NEWICON Beryl Cook Calendar £9.99
Beryl Cook Diary NEWICON Beryl Cook Diary £9.99
Beryl Cook Calendar & Diary NEWICON Beryl Cook Calendar & Diary £18.99
Dining Out Wall Clock NEWICON Dining Out Wall Clock £30
Seurat Tumblers NEWICON Seurat Tumblers £35
Morar Cushion NEWICON Morar Cushion £42
Frida Kahlo Cat Cushion NEWICON Frida Kahlo Cat Cushion £45
Alotte Platter NEWICON Alotte Platter £75
Kerala Crewelwork Wall Hanging NEWICON Kerala Crewelwork Wall Hanging £175
Prismes Alpaca Cardigan Prismes Alpaca Cardigan £285
Dining Out Mug Dining Out Mug £6.99
End Of Term Mug End Of Term Mug £6.99
30 Cakes to Eat Naked 30 Cakes to Eat Naked £7.99
Rodin Thinker 3-D Jigsaw Rodin Thinker 3-D Jigsaw £9.99
Chair Stack Game Chair Stack Game £6.99
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.