All 3 Fabian Risk Novels

The gripping, bestselling Swedish trilogy in English translation. Intricately plotted and darkly engrossing mysteries featuring Inspector Fabian Risk. Victim Without A Face: Fabian Risk investigates the murders of two former classmates. A class photo, with two faces neatly crossed out, is his only clue. Risk must find the killer, while confronting the memories of his own past. 553 pages. The Ninth Grave: as Stockholm freezes over, Sweden's Minister for Justice disappears and a Danish celebrity is hunted in her snow-bound home. As winter darkens, the investigations begin to unravel... 551 pages. Eighteen Below: a car speeds through Helsingborg; driving off the quay into the cold, dark water. The body recovered from the wreck is Peter Brise, a wealthy tech entrepreneur. Fabian Risk and his team are confident this is a suicide but the autopsy reveals Brise had been brutally murdered two months ago. His body frozen in perfect condition, at eighteen degrees below zero......
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