Jordanian Herb Mix Tins

Fragrant and authentic flavours: a trio of award-winning Jordanian herb mixes. Essential ingredients for a host of Arabian dishes but also perfect to add a refreshing zest to salads, kebabs and pasta or enjoyed as dips. Comprises 40g each of sumac, which has an intense, lemony flavour that transforms meats but is also great sprinkled onto salads; zaatar – the most characteristic of Arabian flavours, combining thyme with sumac and sesame and delicious mixed with olive oil as a dip, seasoning or accompaniment to vegetables, pasta or yoghurt; and dukka, a tasty blend of coriander, sesame, sumac and chilli – combine with olive oil and enjoy as a dip for bread.
Size & Additional Information
3 x 40g dry herb mixes in tins, each tin 8.5cm dia. x 2.8cm with serving suggestions
Contains sesame and nuts (hazelnuts)
May contain other nuts and wheat (gluten)
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
UK-made dry mixes using Jordanian ingredients
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