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St-Rémy Bird Bath

ITEM CODE: 61331
Evoking brocante finds with this distressed finish steel bird bath, with single stake. Continues to age naturally outdoors.
Evoking brocante finds with this distressed finish steel bird bath, with single stake. Continues to age naturally outdoors.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Grey
13cm tall x 23cm wide.
Requires assembly.
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Overall product rating 3.3/5
31 March 2020
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Thought it a little expensive for what it was when it arrived as a bit flimsy but my friend loved it as a birthday gift
By Culture Vulture
15 June 2018
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03 May 2018
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Quite attractive but rather shallow. It will dry out very quickly in summer. I know birds shouldn't have very deep baths but deeper than it is would be better.