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Sami Leaf Wall Plaque Sami Leaf Wall Plaque In stock £42
Pineapple Smash Game Pineapple Smash Game In stock £24.99
Kesä Flowers Deep Bowl Kesä Flowers Deep Bowl In stock £16.99
Kesä Flowers Shallow Bowl Kesä Flowers Shallow Bowl In stock £16.99
Meadow Outdoor Led Light Chain Meadow Outdoor Led Light Chain In stock £40
Maracay Trio of Blooms Wall Art Maracay Trio of Blooms Wall Art In stock £45
Moravian Meadow Bowl Moravian Meadow Bowl In stock £38
Pair of Myshkin Floral Cushions Pair of Myshkin Floral Cushions In stock £38
Roma Print Cushion Roma Print Cushion In stock £30
Somero Folk Fox Cachepot Somero Folk Fox Cachepot In stock £19.99
Totma Folk Bird Totma Folk Bird In stock £22.99
Totma Folk Dog Totma Folk Dog In stock £32
Kisa Folk Owl Ornament Kisa Folk Owl Ornament In stock £30
Sikkim Trio of Planters Fair_Trade Sikkim Trio of Planters In stock £65
Hamóri Cotton Pyjamas Hamóri Cotton Pyjamas In stock £68
Krokbragd Runner Krokbragd Runner In stock £55
Máni Table Lamp Máni Table Lamp Pre-Order £35
Mosaic Mirror Mosaic Mirror   Last few remaining £30
Papillon Doormat Papillon Doormat In stock £17.99
Novgorod Double Bedding Set Novgorod Double Bedding Set In stock £40
Matryoshka dolls Matryoshka dolls In stock £32
Floral Velvet Cushion Floral Velvet Cushion In stock £35
Vibrant Birds of Paradise Jacket Vibrant Birds of Paradise Jacket In stock £88
Samarkand 9-Drawer Cabinet Fair_Trade Samarkand 9-Drawer Cabinet Pre-Order £350
Rivera Embroidered Armchair Rivera Embroidered Armchair Pre-Order £720
Colourful Contrasts Outdoor Rug Colourful Contrasts Outdoor Rug   Sold Out £40
Flamingo Ringo Game Flamingo Ringo Game   Sold Out £19.99
Vallmo Poppy Garden Stake Vallmo Poppy Garden Stake   Sold Out £35
Tjörn Meadow Bench Tjörn Meadow Bench   Sold Out £175
Meadow Fire Globe Meadow Fire Globe   Sold Out £375
Varanasi Wooden Parasol Varanasi Wooden Parasol   Sold Out £95
Ivanovo Double Duvet Set Ivanovo Double Duvet Set   Sold Out £40
Sochi Wash Bag Sochi Wash Bag   Sold Out £22.99
Bacova Bamboo-mix Socks Bacova Bamboo-mix Socks   Sold Out £6.99
Nordic Flowers Quilt Nordic Flowers Quilt   Sold Out £55
Biserky Rug Biserky Rug   Sold Out £110
Nyzynka Rug Nyzynka Rug   Sold Out £110
Copenhagen Teak Chair Copenhagen Teak Chair   Sold Out £215
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks   Sold Out £24.99
Nesvík Floral Curtains Nesvík Floral Curtains   Sold Out £115
Narrow 4-Drawer Tallboy Fair_Trade Narrow 4-Drawer Tallboy   Sold Out £250