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Fair Trade

Discover a wealth of Fair Trade gift ideas, from Fair Trade home décor to ethical gifts, sourced from inspirational and Fair Trade companies that make a difference in countries like India, Nepal and Zimbabwe.
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Giraffe Tote Bag Fair_Trade Giraffe Tote Bag In stock £19.99
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks In stock £24.99
Rev Wooden Coasters Fair_Trade Rev Wooden Coasters In stock £14.99
Toucan Mother & Baby Ornament Fair_Trade Toucan Mother & Baby Ornament   Last few remaining £24.99
Turtle Oil Burner Fair_Trade Turtle Oil Burner In stock £12.99
Ranakpur Hand Carved Wall Panel Fair_Trade Ranakpur Hand Carved Wall Panel   Last few remaining £70
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime In stock £9.99
Abstract Elephant Trivet Fair_Trade Abstract Elephant Trivet In stock £12.99
Keshavan Elephant Carving Fair_Trade Keshavan Elephant Carving In stock £19.99
Carved Gourd Bird Ornament Fair_Trade Carved Gourd Bird Ornament In stock £12.99
Chobe Elephant Ornament Fair_Trade Chobe Elephant Ornament In stock £30
Navajo Zig Zag Cushion Fair_Trade Navajo Zig Zag Cushion In stock £38
Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion Fair_Trade Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion In stock £38
Navajo Stripe Runner Fair_Trade Navajo Stripe Runner   Last few remaining £130
Corrales Magazine Table Fair_Trade Corrales Magazine Table In stock £140
Savannah Gazelle Mask Fair_Trade Savannah Gazelle Mask   Last few remaining £17.99
Macaw Windchime Fair_Trade Macaw Windchime In stock £19.99
Blue Elephant Doormat Fair_Trade Blue Elephant Doormat In stock £24.99
Odisha Embroidered Rug Fair_Trade Odisha Embroidered Rug In stock £100
Acacia Twist Table Acacia Twist Table Pre-Order £140
Samarkand 9-Drawer Cabinet Fair_Trade Samarkand 9-Drawer Cabinet   Last few remaining £350
Cheetah Egg Cup Fair_Trade Cheetah Egg Cup Pre-Order £6.99
Tiger Egg Cup Fair_Trade Tiger Egg Cup Pre-Order £6.99
Zebra Egg Cup Fair_Trade Zebra Egg Cup Pre-Order £6.99
Orange Abstract Planter Fair_Trade Orange Abstract Planter   Last few remaining £12.99
Mango Wood Owl Trivet Fair_Trade Mango Wood Owl Trivet In stock £19.99
Odisha Elephant Planter Fair_Trade Odisha Elephant Planter In stock £19.99
Savannah Egg Cups Fair_Trade Savannah Egg Cups Pre-Order £19.99
Abuja Twist Tea Light Holders Fair_Trade Abuja Twist Tea Light Holders In stock £28
Giraffe Wall Art Fair_Trade Giraffe Wall Art In stock £28
Zebra Wall Art Fair_Trade Zebra Wall Art In stock £28
Kanha Salad Bowl & Servers Fair_Trade Kanha Salad Bowl & Servers In stock £35
Small Klagetoh Planter Stand Fair_Trade Small Klagetoh Planter Stand In stock £35
Kruger Elephant Ornament Fair_Trade Kruger Elephant Ornament In stock £45
Tree of Life Wall Panel Fair_Trade Tree of Life Wall Panel In stock £50
Embroidered Shani Shawl Fair_Trade Embroidered Shani Shawl In stock £75
Men's Llama Jumper Men's Llama Jumper   Last few remaining £80
Lugazi Cotton Top Fair_Trade Lugazi Cotton Top   Last few remaining £85
Odisha Embroidered Runner Fair_Trade Odisha Embroidered Runner In stock £110
Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug Fair_Trade Blue Odisha Embroidered Rug In stock £130
Cobra Twist Table Fair_Trade Cobra Twist Table Pre-Order £160
Artysta Handloom Coat Fair_Trade Artysta Handloom Coat Limited availability £175
Socorro Rug Fair_Trade Socorro Rug   Last few remaining £200
San Lorenzo Slipper Chair Fair_Trade San Lorenzo Slipper Chair   Last few remaining £775
Chirala Floral Picture Frame Fair_Trade Chirala Floral Picture Frame   Out of stock £19.99
Asvattha Tree Wind Chime Fair_Trade Asvattha Tree Wind Chime   Out of stock £22.99
Tutayev Box Fair_Trade Tutayev Box   Out of stock £22.99
Altai Magazine Rack Fair_Trade Altai Magazine Rack   Out of stock £115

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