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Hand-painted Bamboo Easter Duck Fair_Trade Hand-painted Bamboo Easter Duck In stock £14.99
Kutai Mirror Fair_Trade Kutai Mirror In stock £35
3 Moscow Ceramic Daisy Hooks Fair_Trade 3 Moscow Ceramic Daisy Hooks In stock £12.99
2 Papier Mâché Birds Decorations Fair_Trade 2 Papier Mâché Birds Decorations Pre-Order £7.99
3 Jaipur Ceramic Elephant Hooks Fair_Trade 3 Jaipur Ceramic Elephant Hooks In stock £9.99
Blossom Bird Box Fair_Trade Blossom Bird Box In stock £6.99
Kathmandu Rainbow Felt Cushion Fair_Trade Kathmandu Rainbow Felt Cushion Pre-Order £18.99
Puffin Ornament Fair_Trade Puffin Ornament Pre-Order £28
Zalipie Culottes Fair_Trade Zalipie Culottes Limited availability £45
Painted Wren & Blue Tit Decorations Fair_Trade Painted Wren & Blue Tit Decorations In stock £9.99
Daffodil Chicken Box Fair_Trade Daffodil Chicken Box In stock £17.99
Red & Purple Meadow Bunny Decorations Fair_Trade Red & Purple Meadow Bunny Decorations In stock £9.99
Robertson Pom-Pom Felt Trivet Fair_Trade Robertson Pom-Pom Felt Trivet Pre-Order £16.99
Totma Folk Bird Fair_Trade Totma Folk Bird In stock £22.99
Taos 6-Drawer Tabletop Storage Fair_Trade Taos 6-Drawer Tabletop Storage In stock £45
Gujarat 5-Drawer Chest Fair_Trade Gujarat 5-Drawer Chest Pre-Order £65
Sikkim Trio of Planters Fair_Trade Sikkim Trio of Planters Pre-Order £65
Shaker Compact Console Table Fair_Trade Shaker Compact Console Table Pre-Order £230
Wooden Aztec Keepsake Box Fair_Trade Wooden Aztec Keepsake Box In stock £35
Assam High Back Armchair Fair_Trade Assam High Back Armchair In stock £935
Totma Folk Dog Fair_Trade Totma Folk Dog In stock £32
Suzani Square Cushion Fair_Trade Suzani Square Cushion Pre-Order £48
Suzani Rug Fair_Trade Suzani Rug Pre-Order £235
Assam Oversized Stool Fair_Trade Assam Oversized Stool In stock £320
Suzani Rectangular Cushion Fair_Trade Suzani Rectangular Cushion Pre-Order £48
Sankalaka 3 Drawer Unit Fair_Trade Sankalaka 3 Drawer Unit In stock £299
Bare Mango Wood Cupboard Fair_Trade Bare Mango Wood Cupboard   Last few remaining £490
Ring-Tailed Lemur Tote Bag Fair_Trade Ring-Tailed Lemur Tote Bag In stock £19.99
Giraffe Tote Bag Fair_Trade Giraffe Tote Bag In stock £19.99
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime In stock £9.99
Blue Elephant Doormat Fair_Trade Blue Elephant Doormat Pre-Order £24.99
Keshavan Elephant Carving Fair_Trade Keshavan Elephant Carving In stock £19.99
Savane Giraffe Mask Fair_Trade Savane Giraffe Mask In stock £17.99
Savane Zebra Mask Fair_Trade Savane Zebra Mask   Last few remaining £17.99
Mango Wood Owl Trivet Fair_Trade Mango Wood Owl Trivet Pre-Order £19.99
Mosaic Mirror Fair_Trade Mosaic Mirror Pre-Order £30
Navajo Zig Zag Cushion Fair_Trade Navajo Zig Zag Cushion In stock £38
Soapstone Elephant Fair_Trade Soapstone Elephant In stock £42
Güell Mirror Fair_Trade Güell Mirror In stock £32
Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion Fair_Trade Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion Pre-Order £38
Orkney Fair Isle Jumper Fair_Trade Orkney Fair Isle Jumper   Last few remaining £90
Navajo Stripe Runner Fair_Trade Navajo Stripe Runner Pre-Order £135
Kinsale Scarf Fair_Trade Kinsale Scarf   Last few remaining £50
Orphist Scarf Fair_Trade Orphist Scarf In stock £50
Painterly Poppies Wool Scarf Fair_Trade Painterly Poppies Wool Scarf Pre-Order £58
Corrales Magazine Table Fair_Trade Corrales Magazine Table Pre-Order £140
Bora Bora Wood Turtle Sculpture Fair_Trade Bora Bora Wood Turtle Sculpture In stock £17.99
Ontario Coatigan Fair_Trade Ontario Coatigan   Last few remaining £125