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Trio of Rainbow Hanging Hearts Fair_Trade Trio of Rainbow Hanging Hearts In stock £10.99
Starlit Stag Tealight Holder Fair_Trade Starlit Stag Tealight Holder In stock £7.99
Cosy Cat Decorations Fair_Trade Cosy Cat Decorations In stock £9.99
Perching Clip-on Robin Trio Fair_Trade Perching Clip-on Robin Trio In stock £12.99
6 Kanha Animal Pencils Fair_Trade 6 Kanha Animal Pencils Pre-Order £9.99
Mape Jewellery Tree Fair_Trade Mape Jewellery Tree Pre-Order £12.99
Lalitpur Wool Trivet Fair_Trade Lalitpur Wool Trivet In stock £14.99
Koshi Wool Felt Slippers Fair_Trade Koshi Wool Felt Slippers In stock £38
Dachigam Deer Ornaments Fair_Trade Dachigam Deer Ornaments In stock £10.99
Khamsa Wind Chime Fair_Trade Khamsa Wind Chime Pre-Order £12.99
Trio of Embroidered Cotton Masks Fair_Trade Trio of Embroidered Cotton Masks In stock £14.99
3 Uzima Dinner Candles Fair_Trade 3 Uzima Dinner Candles In stock £17.99
Men’s Killegray Woollen Socks Fair_Trade Men’s Killegray Woollen Socks In stock £17.99
Pennine Woollen Beanie Fair_Trade Pennine Woollen Beanie In stock £19.99
6 Amritsar Mango Boxes Fair_Trade 6 Amritsar Mango Boxes In stock £22.99
Canmore Wool Hat Fair_Trade Canmore Wool Hat In stock £24.99
Durbar Hot Water Bottle & Cover Fair_Trade Durbar Hot Water Bottle & Cover In stock £35
Bowmont Slipper Socks Fair_Trade Bowmont Slipper Socks In stock £38
Sennep Lounge Cardigan Fair_Trade Sennep Lounge Cardigan In stock £68
Winterberry Lounge Trousers Fair_Trade Winterberry Lounge Trousers In stock £68
Lumbini Peacock Shawl Fair_Trade Lumbini Peacock Shawl In stock £75
Hillswick Wool Jumper Fair_Trade Hillswick Wool Jumper In stock £95
Mens Gourdon Jumper Fair_Trade Mens Gourdon Jumper In stock £95
Padley Hooded Wool Jacket Fair_Trade Padley Hooded Wool Jacket In stock £115