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Ring-Tailed Lemur Tote Bag Fair_Trade Ring-Tailed Lemur Tote Bag In stock £19.99
Orangutan Tote Bag Fair_Trade Orangutan Tote Bag In stock £19.99
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime In stock £9.99
Puffin Ornament Fair_Trade Puffin Ornament In stock £28
Tree of Life Wall Panel Fair_Trade Tree of Life Wall Panel In stock £58
Nerium Cotton Rug Fair_Trade Nerium Cotton Rug In stock £210
Lucknow Embroidered Cotton Tunic New arrivals product icon Lucknow Embroidered Cotton Tunic Limited availability £48
Vahana Owl Box Fair_Trade Vahana Owl Box In stock £8.99
Sichuan Panda Cruet Set  Fair_Trade Sichuan Panda Cruet Set  In stock £11.99
Agra Soap Dish Fair_Trade Agra Soap Dish Pre-Order £12.99
Marble Cheese Wedge Board Marble Cheese Wedge Board In stock £22.99
Lulea Leaves Scarf New arrivals product icon Lulea Leaves Scarf In stock £22.99
Lesser Flamingo Apron Fair_Trade Lesser Flamingo Apron   Last few remaining £22.99
4 Palace Garden Silk Screen Cards Fair_Trade 4 Palace Garden Silk Screen Cards In stock £14.99
Terracotta Plant Pot with Saucer Fair_Trade Terracotta Plant Pot with Saucer In stock £50
Santa Fe Embossed Mirror Fair_Trade Santa Fe Embossed Mirror In stock £150
Raj Occasional Table Raj Occasional Table   Last few remaining £200
Navajo Diamond Satchel Fair_Trade Navajo Diamond Satchel In stock £125
Sóstó Mosaic Mirror Fair_Trade Sóstó Mosaic Mirror   Last few remaining £24.99
Lerwick Fair Isle Jumper Fair_Trade Lerwick Fair Isle Jumper   Last few remaining £90
Appalachian Cotton Rug Fair_Trade Appalachian Cotton Rug In stock £150
Bahia Carved Table Fair_Trade Bahia Carved Table In stock £195
Mixco Woven Rug Fair_Trade Mixco Woven Rug In stock £250
Assayi Bench Fair_Trade Assayi Bench Pre-Order £310