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Güell Mirror Fair_Trade Güell Mirror £28
Anzi Tiles Fair_Trade Anzi Tiles £50
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks £24.99
Ladakh Cotton Bag Fair_Trade Ladakh Cotton Bag £28
Keshavan Elephant Carving Fair_Trade Keshavan Elephant Carving £19.99
Arcoiris Throw Fair_Trade Arcoiris Throw £58
Gazelle Wooden Mask Fair_Trade Gazelle Wooden Mask £40
Wide Healing Mantra Bangle Fair_Trade Wide Healing Mantra Bangle £16.99
Chandaka Mirror Fair_Trade Chandaka Mirror £45
Gudriwork Bedspread Fair_Trade Gudriwork Bedspread £165
Buddha Plaque Fair_Trade Buddha Plaque £18.99
Ruska Roma Bag Fair_Trade Ruska Roma Bag £48
Peacock Boxes Fair_Trade Peacock Boxes £55
Navajo Footstool Fair_Trade Navajo Footstool £85
Tesuque Quilt Fair_Trade Tesuque Quilt £125
Amager Nesting Stools Fair_Trade Amager Nesting Stools £200
Christmas Jumper Decorations Fair_Trade Christmas Jumper Decorations £12.99 £6.99
Felt Polar Bear Fair_Trade Felt Polar Bear £18.99 £9.99
Turtle Oil Burner Fair_Trade Turtle Oil Burner £12.99
Lagoon Votives Fair_Trade Lagoon Votives £12.99
Oval Rag Rug Fair_Trade Oval Rag Rug £22.99
Rainforest Rhythms Instruments Fair_Trade Rainforest Rhythms Instruments £28
Kariba Soapstone Elephant Fair_Trade Kariba Soapstone Elephant £42
Coconut Monkey Chime Fair_Trade Coconut Monkey Chime £12.99
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