Contemplative Living

Find inner peace through simple lines, freehand decoration and the image of the Buddha.
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Mini Buddha Ornament NEWICON Mini Buddha Ornament £4.99
Ikigai NEWICON Ikigai £8.99
Shinrin-Yoku NEWICON Shinrin-Yoku £8.99
Wabi Sabi NEWICON Wabi Sabi £8.99
Orange Chrysanthemum Hurricane Candle Fair_Trade Orange Chrysanthemum Hurricane Candle £22.99
Bhikkhu Bookends NEWICON Bhikkhu Bookends £45
Lotus Lacquered Jewellery Box NEWICON Lotus Lacquered Jewellery Box £75
River Trout Print NEWICON River Trout Print £80
Lechang Pierced Table Lamp NEWICON Lechang Pierced Table Lamp £95
3 Hokusai Travel Bags 3 Hokusai Travel Bags £17.99
Good Friends Porcelain Bird Good Friends Porcelain Bird £5.99
Dancing Dragonfly Wind Chime Dancing Dragonfly Wind Chime £14.99
Urna Wall Plaque Urna Wall Plaque £19.99
Wabi Sabi Wabi Sabi £12.99
Laughing Budai Laughing Budai £16.99
Gansu Collage Frame Gansu Collage Frame £62
Ujjain Tea Light Holder Ujjain Tea Light Holder £35
Lechang Orchid Light String Lechang Orchid Light String £45
The Dalai Lama's Cat Back_In_Stock The Dalai Lama's Cat £8.99
4 Jaipur Candle Votives 4 Jaipur Candle Votives £16.99
Set of 3 Dalai Lama's Cat Books Back_In_Stock Set of 3 Dalai Lama's Cat Books £25.50
Auspicious Jade Ornament Auspicious Jade Ornament £60
Sogen Lily Pad Cushion Sogen Lily Pad Cushion £60
Buddha Head Sculpture ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Buddha Head Sculpture £110

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