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Limoncello Liqueur Pralines Limoncello Liqueur Pralines In stock £16.99
Turkish Delight Bonbonnière Turkish Delight Bonbonnière In stock £19.99
Livorno Glass Birds Livorno Glass Birds In stock £22.99
Limoncello Panettone Limoncello Panettone In stock £24.99
Small Nenets Reindeer Small Nenets Reindeer In stock £4.99
Small Skiing Snowman Small Skiing Snowman   Last few remaining £7.99
4 Julemanden Ornament Cards 4 Julemanden Ornament Cards In stock £9.99
Italian Sugared Almonds NEWICON Italian Sugared Almonds In stock £9.99
Caramelised Almond & Hazelnut Cones NEWICON Caramelised Almond & Hazelnut Cones In stock £11.99
3 Pop-up Snowflake Cards 3 Pop-up Snowflake Cards In stock £12.99
Tonquin Moose Tonquin Moose In stock £12.99
Dark Chocolate Ginger Bonbonnière Dark Chocolate Ginger Bonbonnière In stock £19.99
Chalet Tealight Holder Fair_Trade Chalet Tealight Holder In stock £9.99
Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration Fair_Trade Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration In stock £9.99
Holly & Berry Hanging Decoration Holly & Berry Hanging Decoration In stock £9.99
2 Italian Fruit Jellies in Chocolate 2 Italian Fruit Jellies in Chocolate In stock £14.99
Arno Hammered Coasters Arno Hammered Coasters In stock £19.99
Suszki Small Oven Dish ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Suszki Small Oven Dish   Last few remaining £32
Lit Glass Tree Lit Glass Tree In stock £35
Italian Orange Jelly in Dark Chocolate Italian Orange Jelly in Dark Chocolate In stock £7.99
Italian Raspberry Jelly in Milk Chocolate Italian Raspberry Jelly in Milk Chocolate In stock £7.99
Coral Decoration Coral Decoration In stock £8.99
Honeycomb Star Christmas Cards Honeycomb Star Christmas Cards In stock £8.99
Felt Hanging Snowman Decoration Felt Hanging Snowman Decoration In stock £9.99
Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration In stock £9.99
Large Nenets Reindeer Large Nenets Reindeer In stock £10.99
3 Ombre Glass Votives 3 Ombre Glass Votives In stock £14.99
Caserta Lit Bauble Caserta Lit Bauble In stock £14.99
Chambéry Felt Snowman Chambéry Felt Snowman In stock £14.99
Isère Lit Angel Isère Lit Angel In stock £14.99
Rådjur Scene Decoration Rådjur Scene Decoration In stock £14.99
Santa Express Advent Calendar Santa Express Advent Calendar In stock £15.99
Snowflake Tree Decoration Snowflake Tree Decoration In stock £15.99
Dasher Bowl Dasher Bowl In stock £16.99
Spruce Bowl Spruce Bowl In stock £16.99
Small Jumper Penguin Small Jumper Penguin In stock £22.99
Set of 3 Lollipop Mice Set of 3 Lollipop Mice In stock £24.99
Churchill Polar Bear Tea Light Churchill Polar Bear Tea Light In stock £28
San Juan Wooden Angel San Juan Wooden Angel In stock £30
Snowflake Tumblers Snowflake Tumblers In stock £30
Spruce Plate Spruce Plate In stock £30
Ontario Led Lit Star Ontario Led Lit Star In stock £35
Ruka Reindeer Tealight Holder Ruka Reindeer Tealight Holder In stock £35
Bristlecone Pine Garland Bristlecone Pine Garland In stock £38
Whistler Wreath Whistler Wreath In stock £40
Felt Holly Wreath Felt Holly Wreath In stock £42
Large Jumper Penguin Large Jumper Penguin In stock £45
Dasher Oval Serving Dish Dasher Oval Serving Dish In stock £48

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