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Malmo Reindeer Ornaments NEWICON Malmo Reindeer Ornaments In stock £95
4 Honeycomb Christmas Cards NEWICON 4 Honeycomb Christmas Cards In stock £8.99
Tuskas Bell Decorations NEWICON Tuskas Bell Decorations In stock £9.99
Festive Felted Reindeer Decoration NEWICON Festive Felted Reindeer Decoration In stock £19.99
Felted Terriers Sleigh Decoration NEWICON Felted Terriers Sleigh Decoration In stock £24.99
Velvet Champignon Decorations NEWICON Velvet Champignon Decorations   Last few remaining £9.99
Maneki-neko Lucky Cat Bauble NEWICON Maneki-neko Lucky Cat Bauble In stock £12.99
Cloud Storm Glass NEWICON Cloud Storm Glass In stock £30
2 Terracotta Bird Decorations NEWICON 2 Terracotta Bird Decorations In stock £6.99
12 Home for Christmas Cards NEWICON 12 Home for Christmas Cards In stock £7.99
12 Russian Doll Christmas Cards NEWICON 12 Russian Doll Christmas Cards In stock £7.99
Tartan Bauble Decorations NEWICON Tartan Bauble Decorations In stock £10.99
Savoie Owls Ornament NEWICON Savoie Owls Ornament In stock £11.99
3 Gingerbread House Decorations NEWICON 3 Gingerbread House Decorations In stock £12.99
5 Snowfall Fox Christmas Cards NEWICON 5 Snowfall Fox Christmas Cards In stock £12.99
Set of 2 Good Luck Pandas NEWICON Set of 2 Good Luck Pandas In stock £16.99
Livorno Glass Decorations NEWICON Livorno Glass Decorations In stock £19.99
Kerala Snowflake Decoration NEWICON Kerala Snowflake Decoration In stock £11.99
5 Sheets Lokta Gift Wrap & Tags Fair_Trade 5 Sheets Lokta Gift Wrap & Tags In stock £12.99
24 Mini Chambord Glass Decorations NEWICON 24 Mini Chambord Glass Decorations In stock £11.99
3 Pinecone Glass Decorations NEWICON 3 Pinecone Glass Decorations In stock £12.99
Alpine Animal Tin NEWICON Alpine Animal Tin In stock £12.99
Montezuma Sequinned Parrot Decoration NEWICON Montezuma Sequinned Parrot Decoration In stock £17.99
Santa Snack Bowls NEWICON Santa Snack Bowls In stock £9.99
Woodland Acorn Hanging Decoration NEWICON Woodland Acorn Hanging Decoration In stock £12.99
4 Glitter Metal Stars NEWICON 4 Glitter Metal Stars In stock £19.99
Lascaris Glass Decoration Trio NEWICON Lascaris Glass Decoration Trio In stock £19.99
Tamil Christmas Stocking NEWICON Tamil Christmas Stocking In stock £28
Golden Palm Garland NEWICON Golden Palm Garland In stock £30
Changshan Panda NEWICON Changshan Panda In stock £8.99
Kimono Panda NEWICON Kimono Panda In stock £8.99
Little Rockies Wooden Decorations NEWICON Little Rockies Wooden Decorations In stock £14.99
LED Rattan Star NEWICON LED Rattan Star In stock £40
Palekh Hand-painted Bauble NEWICON Palekh Hand-painted Bauble In stock £24.99
9 Wildlife Glass Baubles NEWICON 9 Wildlife Glass Baubles In stock £22.99
Nordic Table Runner NEWICON Nordic Table Runner In stock £17.99
Chenonceau Sweet Decorations NEWICON Chenonceau Sweet Decorations In stock £10.99
Glass Reindeer Tumblers NEWICON Glass Reindeer Tumblers In stock £30
Festive Metal Trees Festive Metal Trees In stock £12.99
Éclat Tea Light Holders Éclat Tea Light Holders In stock £12.99
3 Ombre Glass Votives 3 Ombre Glass Votives In stock £14.99
Pinecone Centrepiece Pinecone Centrepiece In stock £17.99
4 Berry & Leaf Charger Plates NEWICON 4 Berry & Leaf Charger Plates In stock £22.99
Marble Gin Stones Marble Gin Stones In stock £7.99
Pairings for Cheese NEWICON Pairings for Cheese In stock £7.99
Sloth Decoration Sloth Decoration In stock £8.99
5 Slate Food Markers NEWICON 5 Slate Food Markers In stock £11.99
Ferrara Balloon Decorations Ferrara Balloon Decorations In stock £9.99