Christmas Lights & Candles

Create a warm and welcoming home with garland lights and Christmas candles evoking twinkling lights from Scandinavia to the Rocky mountains. Simple folk motifs give a rustic twist to festivities whilst our wonderful pin lights add sparkle everywhere.

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Churchill Polar Bear Tea Light Churchill Polar Bear Tea Light £28
Winter Gleam Mini Star Lights Winter Gleam Mini Star Lights £9.99
Taza Light Chain Taza Light Chain £18.99
Stromstad Lit Scene Black_Friday Stromstad Lit Scene £22.99 £15.99
Moose Light Chain Moose Light Chain £30
Frosted Forest Candle Black_Friday Frosted Forest Candle £8.99 £5.99
Set of Log Fire & Forest Candles Set of Log Fire & Forest Candles £16.99
Clip on Tree Lights Black_Friday Clip on Tree Lights £30 £21
Ontario Led Lit Star Ontario Led Lit Star £32.99
Log Fire Candle Black_Friday Log Fire Candle £8.99 £5.99
Richmond LED Lantern Richmond LED Lantern £24.99
Lit Glass Tree Lit Glass Tree £35
Reindeer Outdoor Lights Reindeer Outdoor Lights £45
Indoor & Outdoor Pin Lights Black_Friday Indoor & Outdoor Pin Lights £17.99 £12.50
Narke Pillar Candle Holder Black_Friday Narke Pillar Candle Holder £19.99 £13.99
Estrella Paper Star Estrella Paper Star £22.99
Large Glacial Tree Large Glacial Tree £32
Canyon LED Lit Angel Black_Friday Canyon LED Lit Angel £58 £40
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