Folding Fish Stool

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A whimsical fish-shaped camping stool or small table, recalling 'diphros okladias', folding stools which have been in use since ancient times. They can be seen on surviving section...
Folding Fish Stool
A whimsical fish-shaped camping stool or small table, recalling 'diphros okladias', folding stools which have been in use since ancient times. They can be seen on surviving sections of the Parthenon Frieze displayed in Athens' Acropolis Museum, for example, Poseidon, Apollo and Artemis in the meeting of gods from the east frieze of Parthenon, c.440 BC. This painted wood stool is painted in red, yellow green and blue with a rustic finish. The size of this fold-away stool makes it a versatile piece that can be easily transported on your travels.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Multicoloured
Painted wood to top
39.5cm wide, stands 32cm tall
Folds away
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Overall product rating 4.6/5
By Mrs Jane Rawlings
28 November 2021
Service Rating:
This is a gift for my daughter - I'm sure she will love it
By Bloo
04 November 2021
Service Rating:
Bought two of these - I am working from home and have one each side of my bed for my resources and paperwork. Very practical, nice looking and I love the fact they can be stowed away in a small place, freeing up my bedroom space.
14 October 2021
Service Rating:
Ive been looking for an interesting folding little side table for ages. Its perfect
By Ms Karen Partridge
14 October 2021
Service Rating:
Speedy delivery, item as expected and described.
By Mrs Janet Moyse
08 September 2021
Service Rating:
Attractive table, unusual and a conversation starter. Fish design goes well with my beach themed room.
By Vanda
06 October 2020
Service Rating:
A small table ideal for an impromptu drink in the garden or summerhouse. I planned to paint it to match my summerhouse colour scheme, but it's lovely as it is.
11 December 2019
Service Rating:
A bit scruffy but OK
By Lesley Everard-Evans
29 November 2019
Service Rating:
Love it ! Just what I wanted
By Michelle Burns
18 November 2019
Service Rating:
Great for me & my hubby to put our cups on love it
14 November 2019
Service Rating:
Bit more rustic than I like but a useful size and I like the coloured slats. The fish shape is unusual but as my husband had been a fisherman its a nice reminder.