Chairs & Stools

You will be sitting pretty with chairs and stools celebrating the best of global style. Cosy up with upholstered pieces or make a bold statement with embroidered designs. Solid wood in simple lines bring the clean lines of New England and Scandinavia home.
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Ellesmere Storage Bench & Cushion Ellesmere Storage Bench & Cushion £350
Oak Monks Bench Oak Monks Bench £625
Lumberjack Patchwork Pouffe Lumberjack Patchwork Pouffe £95
Logan Leather Armchair Logan Leather Armchair £895
Boboli Velvet Chair Boboli Velvet Chair £735
Berber Fringed Pouffe Berber Fringed Pouffe £125
Provence Mahogany Chair Provence Mahogany Chair £250
Kirova Armchair Kirova Armchair £425
Pair of Miramas Dining Chairs Pair of Miramas Dining Chairs £450
Adelaïde Storage Settle Adelaïde Storage Settle £775
Folding Fish Stool Fair_Trade Folding Fish Stool £30
Sunflower Stool Fair_Trade Sunflower Stool £28
Saltbox Folding Fish Stool Fair_Trade Saltbox Folding Fish Stool £30
Amager Nesting Stools SALEPROMOICON Amager Nesting Stools £210 £125
Navajo Footstool Fair_Trade Navajo Footstool £90
Coromandel Cube Footstool Fair_Trade Coromandel Cube Footstool £125 £60
Highland Stool Highland Stool £115
Tuvula Velvet Chair SALEPROMOICON Tuvula Velvet Chair £295 £145
Fireside Armchair SALEPROMOICON Fireside Armchair £425 £225
Miramas Armchair SALEPROMOICON Miramas Armchair £720 £420
Mahogany Shaker Armchair Mahogany Shaker Armchair £450
Assayi Chair Assayi Chair £750
Santa Fe Rocking Chair Santa Fe Rocking Chair £920
Kovernino Embroidered Armchair Kovernino Embroidered Armchair £935
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