Black Friday Clothing

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Kashmir Jacket SALEPROMOICON Kashmir Jacket £90 £35
Topeka Cotton Jacket SALEPROMOICON Topeka Cotton Jacket £65 £19.99
Eshu Embroidered Tunic SALEPROMOICON Eshu Embroidered Tunic £55 £19.99
Black Anais Lace Top SALEPROMOICON Black Anais Lace Top £120 £49
Elen Wool Cardigan SALEPROMOICON Elen Wool Cardigan £200 £89
Li Embroidered Skirt SALEPROMOICON Li Embroidered Skirt £165 £69
Thea Embroidered Blazer SALEPROMOICON Thea Embroidered Blazer £180 £79
Broccato Dress SALEPROMOICON Broccato Dress £200 £85
Balintore Tartan Jumper Balintore Tartan Jumper £120
Seaton Striped Wool Cardigan Seaton Striped Wool Cardigan £130
Vivienne Dress SALEPROMOICON Vivienne Dress £175 £95
Silk Road Wool Jacket Silk Road Wool Jacket £175
Tobermory Check Coat SALEPROMOICON Tobermory Check Coat £165 £69
Joni Floral Tights Joni Floral Tights £22.99
Ruska Roza Ladies' Socks Ruska Roza Ladies' Socks £9.99
Ruska Krest Ladies' Socks Ruska Krest Ladies' Socks £9.99
Borgogna Leather Bag SALEPROMOICON Borgogna Leather Bag £160 £75
Sebras Bag SALEPROMOICON Sebras Bag £115 £49
Vara Leather Bag Vara Leather Bag £80
Braque 3 in 1 Bag Braque 3 in 1 Bag £85
Drea Leather & Cowhide Bag SALEPROMOICON Drea Leather & Cowhide Bag £185 £90
Cimarron Leather Bag Cimarron Leather Bag £100
Oatmeal Orenburg Russian Shawl Oatmeal Orenburg Russian Shawl £24.99
Rodberg Shawl SALEPROMOICON Rodberg Shawl £52 £22.99
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.